How to be a digital payments pro

We like to make difficult things simple at Wirex. That’s why we let you buy, exchange, earn and spend crypto at the touch of a button or a tap of your Wirex card.

Whether you’re new to Wirex or just in need of a refresher, let us guide you through some of the features that make us best in class.

Super-speedy verification

To kick off your Wirex journey, you need to verify your account. The good news is that it takes less than five minutes to do so. Simply enter your details, upload a photo of your ID, take a quick selfie and you’re in.

A variety of crypto to buy & exchange

Get instant access to a wide range of cryptocurrency in the Wirex app. Effortlessly build your crypto portfolio by buying and exchanging them at top OTC and interbank rates.

The payment card of the future

Everyone needs a Wirex card. This innovative piece of plastic is straight out of the future - use it to spend your crypto in real life, and earn crypto rewards on every spend.

Cryptoback™ rewards on every purchase

That’s right, you automatically earn up to 2% Cryptoback™ rewards every time you pay by Wirex. So whether you’re picking up the bill at lunch or doing a spot of online shopping, you can sit back and watch the WXT roll in.

Plenty of X-tras

Our revolutionary new rewards programme, X-tras, pays out more than ever before. Depending on your price plan, you can unlock Cryptoback™ rates as high as 2% and an annual Savings Bonus of 6% on your WXT balance.

Rewards for referring friends

Getting your friends involved pays off. Refer them to Wirex and you’ll earn yourself (and them) a WXT bonus.

Industry-leading interest rates

X-Accounts is a brand-new savings tool that lets you earn up to 16% AER on select currencies. Open up to 10 X-Accounts for currencies of your choice and get ready to give your savings a serious boost.