How to buy and transfer WXT tokens from Exchanges to your WireX App Account?

My 1st attempt to buy WXT on the see pictures below, dated 15 jan 2020.

Withdraw and deposit of WXT from Huobi Group Exchange are
Locked down ( 5 days now, however i think its been many weeks)

Next try was too use USDT on the OKEx Exchange, i dposit $50 usd as a test via ERC20 transfer
CRAZY EXCHANGE Its not like anything else EVER!!!

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OKEX IS NOT AN EXCHANGE its a SPOT market, which with a lot of effort and passwords and transfers from within OKEX you will get your WXT off the exchange to the funding account to your WIREX account . PLEASE allow 3 days to do this if your GAME.

Huobi has been locked for a good few months since the price run to $0.38… it’s annoying as it’s still locked. “The statement is the price spike is being investigated” , personally don’t see how that effects now and why the wallets are still locked. I bought a bunch of WXT to stake and can’t transfer it out.

OKEx - once you’ve setup all the passwords and stuff is simple. I use 6+ exchanges for different things and kept forgetting all the passwords and some of them require 2-3. On OKEX desktop you can actually deactivate some of security for your account to one password or text confirmation.
I only use them for immediate buys or sells so I’m not fussed about only having one level is security for this.

Kucoin you can also buy.

OR you can just buy WXT in your Wirex App ?


I think it has been common practice by trading venues to lock-down the wallets of digital assets which has significant deviation from other markets prices. I was supposed to buy from Huobi and hold there until it opens. I think they just need to open the wallets so that the market will naturally stabilize its price. It does not have much liquidity in it anyway. For those who wants to buy there are a of other exchanges out there and you can always buy inside the App.

The ask price on the wirex app is always so much higher than the market rate.

Wxt should have just stayed as an app token, wirexapp was better before wxt, none of the promised benefits ever came after the lockup