How to spot scammers

From time to time we notice some fake pages and accounts claiming to be us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please be aware that these are scams.

These fake accounts often pretend to be us by posting images and information from our pages. Some have even gone so far as to create whole new fake Wirex websites.

One of these accounts may contact you, telling you that you’ve won a prize. You will know it’s not us, if they:

a) Send you a private message on one of your social media accounts

b) Send you a link to click on

c) Ask you for a reference code after clicking on an unknown link

d) Post your profile picture on their feed.

Please keep in mind that if you win a real Wirex competition, we’ll announce it in the same channel that the competition is hosted in, tag you in the post and ask you to contact us to claim your prize. We’ll make it clear in the announcement how you should contact us.

We will never contact you privately, first, if you’ve won a competition. We’ll wait for you to get in touch first, then ask you for some details, for example, a wallet address so we can send you your winnings . You won’t get a link, a reference code or a form to enter your personal information in.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you spot a scammer a mile off.

  • Check the number of followers on a page. If the number is low, or it’s clear the page has been recently created, it’s not us. Pages posting people’s profile photos in their main feed in relation to a competition are also not us.

  • Watch out for pages posting links that take you to unknown websites.

  • Look out for people claiming to be “traders”, who contact you directly in comments sections or ask you to check your inbox. These folks are scammers trying to get you to invest in their fake company. Here’s an account of someone who fell for one.

  • Beware of random third party companies offering you a Wirex card. This is not possible - only we can issue cards.

For more information on how to steer clear of scammers, check out this Community Forum post we wrote earlier in the year. Stay safe!


What I would like to add to this is: Don’t trust a adress… Made that mistake once and that was a very close shave I must say…

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Thanks for sharing! And exactly, if you can’t see the full URL then don’t click on it. Stay safe and all the best.

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Thank you for this information, it is very important to keep safe from scammers.

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