How to transfer XSGD from StraitsX to Wirex

We’ve recently added the XSGD stablecoin to the Wirex app, which you can now buy and exchange at exclusive OTC rates.

You can also use StraitsX to add XSGD to Wirex – here’s how:

How to add XSGD to StraitsX from your bank account

  1. Sign up for a StraitsX account and verify your identity through Singpass.

  2. Add your bank account details and verify them by uploading a bank statement.

  3. Make a bank transfer (you can use FAST transfers for this).
    Note: the “Notes/Comments” section should always be your phone number.

  4. Deposit XSGD into your StraitsX account. Your SGD will automatically convert to XSGD.

How to add XSGD to Wirex using StraitsX

  1. In StraitsX, select Link Blockchain Address.

  2. Select Wirex as the type of address and ERC20 as the network.

  3. Copy your XSGD blockchain address from Wirex and paste it to StraitsX.

  4. Select Next.

  5. Enter the amount and confirm. Done!