How to Wirex: Claiming your Cryptoback™ rewards

Redeem Cryptoback - EEA

Here at Wirex, we’re all about rewarding our customers for their loyalty. Which is why we created our Cryptoback™ programme - the world’s first rewards programme to pay out in crypto.

Lucky Wirexers get up to 1.5% back in BTC for their everyday shopping, with no limits on how much you can earn or how often it’s redeemed. You’ll see the satoshis stack up every time you use your trusty Wirex card in real-life, whether you’re treating yourself to lunch out or simply paying for your bus ticket.

And unlike a lot of other cashback or points schemes out there, we let you do whatever you want with your rewards. Convert and spend or HODL and save? It’s entirely up to you.

Before you’re able to start collecting free crypto, make sure your account is all topped up and ready to go - processes differ slightly depending on region, so check out our Europe and Singapore (Asia-Pacific) Help Centre pages for more specific information.

Ready to start making the most out of your Wirex card?