Huge announcement for tomorrow ! 👀


Hi Wirexers,

If you follow Wirex on social channels, you know that tomorrow is HUGE announcement time !

We have already had a strong week with the new features announced; among which:


  • unnamed New currencies
    FIVE new currencies: CZK, HUF, PLN, RON and HRK. Save up to 3% on card top-ups.

  • unnamed (1) Fee-free FX
    Wirex is working towards a world where all currencies are equal and accessible by all. The first step on this journey? Fee-free foreign exchange (FX) on all fiat currencies. That’s right – no fees or hidden charges. Zero. Zilch.

  • unnamed (2) Free multi-currency IBANs
    Wirex make sending and receiving money easier, faster and more secure. Don’t put up with hidden charges, slow transactions and fiddly references – Wirex lets you open free, multi-currency, individual IBANs (International Banking Numbers) in seconds. Problem solved

  • unnamed (3) Free & instant SEPA transfers
    Introducing zero-fee SEPA transactions, making sending and receiving money abroad simple. Plus, Wirex now supports SEPA Instant, allowing to make EUR payments to any SEPA Instant-supporting external bank account in Europe in just a few seconds!


  • unnamed (5) Rewards 2.0
    Wirex upgraded rewards programme brings new-and-improved benefits in return for the loyalty! Earn even more BTC whenever you use your Wirex card with up to 2% Cryptoback™ rewards on all in-store and online purchases. Plus you can earn up to 6% APR* on Wirex Token (WXT) balance every year.

  • unnamed (4) The new Wirex Mastercard
    The revolutionary new Wirex Mastercard treats all currencies as equal. Its real-time auto conversion feature lets spend any of your traditional or cryptocurrencies in real life without exchanging first. And that’s not all. It also gives free ATM withdrawals up to $400 a month, unlimited zero-fee FX and no monthly fees!

But Wirex has not yet finished surprising us. :open_mouth:

Any guesses on what it is ? :thinking:

EDIT: The announcement is finally here!


Stay tuned! :raised_hands:


When will the update be brought out in app?

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Very impressive stuff and even more to come, wow maybe your working on even more wallets and possibly staking rewards on new coins? Going to love the new mastercard, excellent work Wirex team. To the :waxing_crescent_moon:

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Good Wirex plan

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Nice plans hope soon we can also experience it.


Which is now live, such as new currencies, can be activated here:

For SEPA transfers, please note that you must first activate your account before you can make a transfer, unless you are sending money directly to another Wirex user.