I forgot my PIN

Hi! I can’t perform any POS transactions and ATM withdrawals since I’ve forgotten my Wirex card PIN.
So now my card is useless! maybe you can tell me it? help! I need my money

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Hello Patrick,

Let us kindly inform you that you are able to check your PIN in your Wirex App.
Please read more how to do it following this link:


thanks. I’ve checked :sweat_smile:
What if I need to change the PIN? How can I do it?

Please be informed that you can change your PIN at any ATM supporting this function. You will be charged £0.35 / €0.40 / $0.50 for this operation depending on the currency of your card.


thanks for quick response :+1:

Hi there! I tried to enter my PIN but it was incorrect many times… you blocked my card
Should I order new card???

Hello Adrianne,
No, you don’t need to order a new Wirex card.
Please follow the steps described here:

Once these steps are done, the card will be unblocked automatically.

Please let us know if the issue still persists, we will be happy to help.