I forgot my PIN

Hi! I can’t perform any POS transactions and ATM withdrawals since I’ve forgotten my Wirex card PIN.
So now my card is useless! maybe you can tell me it? help! I need my money


Hello Patrick,

Let us kindly inform you that you are able to check your PIN in your Wirex App.
Please read more how to do it following this link:


thanks. I’ve checked :sweat_smile:
What if I need to change the PIN? How can I do it?

Please be informed that you can change your PIN at any ATM supporting this function. You will be charged £0.35 / €0.40 / $0.50 for this operation depending on the currency of your card.


thanks for quick response :+1:

Hi there! I tried to enter my PIN but it was incorrect many times… you blocked my card
Should I order new card???

Hello Adrianne,
No, you don’t need to order a new Wirex card.
Please follow the steps described here:

Once these steps are done, the card will be unblocked automatically.

Please let us know if the issue still persists, we will be happy to help.


I have a problem to see my pin in wirex app when I try to see says we are experiencing some technical issues. Is there other way? Pls help asap.

Hi Marko, I’m sorry that you cannot check your PIN.

I have requested more details via your ticket. Could you please check your email and provide us with a response?

Thank you in advance!

Please help I was coerced into transferring £4930 to a wirex account.
Name: Christopher Ismail
Sort Code: 608384
Account Number: 60833879

Please help me get my money back! He said he still hasn’t received it in his account, he is posing as a national insurance person.

Hi David,

I understand how unpleasant this situation is for you.

Please note that our relevant team is already looking into your case.

We have also updated you via the support ticket, please check.

Best regards!

Hello yesterday I tried to withdraw but I was wrong to insert the pin and now the card is locked as you have to proceed to unlock? Thank you