I have cryptocurency and I want to withdrawn the cash equivalent but I do not know how ? :(

Hello ! I hope I am not bothering you but I registered recently and need help, It will be much appreciated if someone can assist me ! :slightly_smiling_face: So Ive made an account , verified it and transfer crypto currency to my account in Wirex. I wanted to withdrawn the cash equivalent of that cryptocurecny but I do not see how I can do that. When I open the cryptocurrency account and click send there is only email address. How can I transfer to a bank account or some other way to get my money ? I am very confused and hope that someone will be kind enough to explain
Thank you !

Hi Vasil, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I have already updated you via the ticket with a detailed explanation, please take a look.

Should you have any further questions - please feel free to send them via the ticket as well.

Best regards!

Hello Yan.

Thank you so much for your kind and fast assistance !

I have replied back and wont open more discussions here.

Take my apology !

No worries, Vasil, you are most welcome!

I have now updated the ticket once more, you are most welcome to check :slight_smile:

Have a great day!