I have two Wirex Token Accounts - one can not be used

Hi there. I had one wirex token account. I accidentally added second one. So now I do have two Wirex Token accounts. One is not activated (and also can not be) and has 0 tokens in it. Second the old one, is activated and contains some WRX tokens. Weirdly enough, recent activity of my old active Wirex Token account is empty. And all activities of that account are now shown in new (recently created not activated) wirex token account.

Does anybody has the same issue? Have you been able to resolve the issue? Can I somehow contact IT team of wirex. As this looks like issue in DB (or app).

The issue is reproducible in mobile as well as web app.

I am not sure why there is possibility to add new wirex token account when user already has one and can not activate it or get rid of it. I do not need (and I do not see reason) to have two wirex token accounts.

I can provide screenshots of the app if needed.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Could you provide details of how you created the second account, please?

If you log out and back in, does the account remain visible?

I even uninstall mobile app and I still have two wirex token accounts. I have been able to create second account as usual. Using mobile app, went to settings → accounts → Add Account → Digital. And even I already have bitcoin and wirex account. I was still seeing, that Bitcoin and Wirex accounts could be added. I haven’t added second bitcoin account so this option is still there. But I have added second wirex account. And now I have two. Which is quite annoying. Looks like bug. Plus I am not sure if with new release of the app, something will not wrong with my account. As it looks that there will be issue in wirex database for my account.

Here are some screenshots.

Yep, that’s odd and definitely not a bonus feature!

I would recommend you raise a support ticket about this via the in app support or email support@wirexapp.com

Please note there may be a bit of a delay as the support teams are under quite a bit of strain with the new MasterCards being sent out and a few teething problems relating to some updates, but someone will get back to you!

If you could post your ticket number as a reply below, I’ll check back and see how you get on in a couple of days?

@Ali_Wirex if you would be so kind as to make sure the developers know about this and that this case gets to the right place, please?

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Thank you. I will create a ticket.