I lost money at this website

I login in this wirex app , and some one send draw my money to other btc & eth pending.
Can stop transaction!!!

Oh man…have the funds already left your Wirex account?

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Can you still access your account…or is it too late?

Why Wirex don’t act on Facebook or Instagram to bann scammers pages, Wirex Wallet, Wirex Card is scam we are secure that there are non scam Wirex pages???.. omg they want only money

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is impossible, with account name and psw is impossible to stolen your money. There are mobile confirmation and 2fa how is possible that they stolen your money. If they stolen your money is only because you want that they stole yor money, you ara scammers. WHY WIREX DON’T BLOCK THIS PAGE THEY ARE YOUR PARTNER IN BUSINESS, WIREX WANT THAT EXIST SCAMMERS PAGES??? @Ali_Wirex

I has new accounts about 2 months , I don’t know setup 2fa , next time I needed 2fa.

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Thanks you all wirex team will help setting 2fa

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yes but there are sms message confirmation no?

Unfortunately… I imagine several of these pages pop up… extract the info needed to steal funds from 1 or 2 unlucky people… Then disappears… rinse & repeat.

The level of responsibility and/reach for Wirex is only so much. They can’t control a users actions.

@Julie_Ip I hope your loss wasn’t too bad :pray:

they must buy all autor right on logo ‘wirex’ or ‘wirex card’, 'wirex wallet ’ and other composition and defend it with facebook and instagram has a unique owneship…

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I got Facebook same wirex web site and login my account and I don’t know why btc and eth money is pending sent unknown , I think lost my money can stop transaction help :pleading_face:

Hi @Julie_Ip,

I am really sorry to hear about this incident. Please no not send your personal information to scammers.

The relevant team is already working on your case. We will contact you once there is an update.

Have a nice day!


Hi @Oleg_Levchuk,

Please note that we are doing everything we can from our end to report and close such pages.


Sorry will close topic

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At least you can access your money. I live in Texas and Wirex has made my account frozen no in or out. Pretty much holding my money hostage with no way to close the account and get a check either. Say they are releasing cards in the US State by State. Well thats great but you dont have to lock my money up that is called theft where I live. Hope they will stop being high and mighty and give me an option to get my money and close the account. By the time they get to my state if they ever do my bitcoin will be around 1 Trillion USD thats how slow it is moving. So yea your lucky to have a functioning wallet.

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Hello @1_1618, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, Wirex services are limited for the USA users at the moment.
However, we are planning on launching our product in your country in the nearest time. We’ll be rolling out services state-by-state soon, so get ready and keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Best Regards!

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Si, pues yo lo he perdido pero con ustedes, 2 meses con la cuenta bloqueada y ya ni contestan desde soporte. Es una verguenza que un monedero que se dice “banco” haga este tipo de cosas.
Repito, dos meses sin poder acceder a mi dinero. Los estafadores sois ustedes.

Dear @Davincci,

Please be aware that your case is being handled by the department in charge. ​As soon as I receive anything regarding your account, we will let you know directly via the ticket!

Thank you for your understanding.

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Those scammers are so common on Facebook, some times those fake pages exist for more than 2 months. This also hurts Wirex’s Facebook engagement as people will avoid like and commenting on Wirex’s posts to prevent scammers from sharing their profile pic. I personally received these scam messages on FB daily. I think Wirex as a Facebook Ad customer should really pressure Fb on this issue. Normal users couldn’t do much. I tried to report it and FB told me the scam pages was not against it’s community rules lol.

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