I love Wirex ❤️

You should guys love wirex too , All system are operational , plus they have a lot of events to win a $WXT token.

Its so amazing guys.

Share it to everyone.

This is a ThankGivings Message.
No hate Only love :heart:


Good vibes this summer! :star_struck:


Yes it is.

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Hi @Palangs04 :wave:

Yes! Wirex offers so much functionality that it is for me my favorite bank. Even more now with the beautiful multi-currency card, it makes life easier and it’s cool to show off with it :sunglasses:

How long have you been using Wirex?

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im new in here , last april 2021 :heart::heart::heart:

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It’s a love story that’s just beginning! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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im still using it, wirex the best crypto wallet for me :heart::heart:

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Hello, I’m very satisfied with Wirex, too.
All is fast and fluently working!
And thank you very much for the X-accounts!
Of course then I upgraded immediately my account to Premium, cause the Wirex company has such good offers!
Only one question: Could you tell us a date when you install SEPA transfers from Wirex to other accounts in the EU?


Hi @Sasba :wave:

I am happy that you are satisfied with the services that Wirex offers. Not easy to resist such good things. :grin:

Please note that the bank transfers option has been temporarily disabled.
Don’t worry, you can process the transfer as soon as the IBAN becomes available again. Unfortunately, there is no scheduled date, but the team is working on it.

Thanks for your understanding. :slight_smile:



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