I’m REGULAR! Tnx. Next I had a proposal

I vote to add GLOBAL chat room in Wirexapp like it was in Word of Warcraft. With game master support #greedisgood 999 imagine if all gold was been wxt)))
(1)global chat (2)region chat (3)city chat (4)surround chat (5)personal chat (6)follow (7)looking for group (8)Want To Buy (9)Want To Sell (10)link on nft
And a reward for pass time with Wirex ([{1min=0.1 wxt}]) difficulty decide you but concept is legit and I read about a every operation would be rewarded with wxt instantly why this demo functionality don’t see lux. Would be great if time that I accumulated in forum would ever payed me( every badge may be wxt( like workers also users must be payed for time( presentational 3d motion model in vr( free load your property NFT in game that hold crypto and exchange it like my own representation and digital own @wirexuser01 @Ali_Wirex


Hi @Oleg_Levchuk :wave:

Congratulations on being a regular member now!

Regarding your idea, I think it can be good, even beneficial for Wirex. :+1:

But before adding such functions in the app, do it here in the community forum to see what happens. Add Live Chat as suggested here:

Thank you for your message. :slight_smile:

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