I need help #SUPPORT

Funds were sent from Halifax acc to Wirex acc 12 hours ago and no funds have been received so far. 752350 is the ticket number, Wirex what is going on!! Can you please sort it out, I have read through a thread with a ton of people complaining about the same or similar things, help us help you lol

Unfortunately, this forum is not monitored by Wirex employees. Contact one of the moderators in the Telegram chat.

Have you managed to get your funds? Am going through the same thing

What do I need to do to get hold of a moderator on Telegram?

Hi @Wirex,

I’m not able neither to add funds to my card nor send any money from my EUR-section to another external account. all fields are disabled (grey) - but my card is currently active. Your support doesn’t answer my questions. Please help me.

Best Henning

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My option was Greyed out to add funds , now i managed to do the transfer . But it just loops the money back to my EUR account . Like 2 instant transfers , EUR > CARD then instantly CARD > EUR . i think they are having some issues .

Thank you @VDub_Gabriel for your experience.

Could a wirex official confirm the current problems? Could you give us a timeframe for fixing these issues?

Tried one more time , and yes . Once i press on Confirm , it pops out 2 transfers , so the money is going back to the EUR account .

We can just wait now .

@VDub_Gabriel - yes - now I’ve the exact same issue. Good to know I’m not the only one. :wink:

@Wirex No puedo ingresar dinero en la cuenta, pone que he superado el límite de ingreso diario pero no lo he superado y no me deja hacer nada. Que puedo hacer? Gracias.