I want to sell my WXT to someone


My Wirex balance right now is 6,510 WXT.
I won’t be using Wirex anymore and I want to ask:

I’m looking for honest person to make a deal - I send you 6500 WXT and you send me 40$ in BTC, USDT or any other crypto.

I send first, as you receive you send back.

Anyone interested?

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But you can’t sent it because the minimum withdrawal is around 19000++ WXT

Kiraulo21 is right.
If you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of 150$ you can sell your tokens on your own by swapping them in MetaMask.
See my guide:

You can send minimum amount of 6243 WXT to amother Wirex user.
I know that withdrawal limit to an external wallet is 150$.

If anyone has Wirex account, you can send Wirex token without fees, on minimum amount of 6243WXT.

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The only thing you need is another user’s phone number in your contacts.

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Wow thanks for the info.

@kiraulo21 Maybe you are interested in buying my WXT for BTC or any other crytpo? Just share your phone number in private message and we can make a deal

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I know, that’s why Im looking for someone from Wirex community with history here. I think people try to help each other here, so maybe one can help me