I was upgraded and charged 9999 WXT without my consent

I am seeking more information regarding the new WXT program. Wirex got access to my account and approved an upgrade without my consent and charged me 9999 WXT. Why and how did this happened? I have never given away my password. How did wirex got access to my account? even worse how did wirex debited this money without my approval? This is a breach of security.

I had the same issue… 10:40 I got deducted 9999 wxt.

It was an error that they’re working on to fix.

You were NOT hacked, so don’t worry.

There are a whole bunch of people this has effected, including myself.

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Thank you. Is there a post with more information related to this?

If you are an investor it’s in the investor channel currently.

Are you an investor from the Crowcube funding?

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You should receive a refund anytime soon.

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Refund recieved