Important changes to your account FAQs

We’re always working hard to improve your Wirex experience, which is why we’re switching banking service providers.

We’re sure you’ve got lots of questions as to how this will affect your account, so we’ve put together some information which we hope will clear everything up.


When will this take place?
We will be switching to a new banking service provider very soon. Those affected will receive an email with more details of the changes that will take place.

How will this affect me?
Customers who do not currently have bank account details will not be affected by this change.

Customers who use Wirex to send and receive SEPA/SWIFT payments will, in due course, receive new account details. Account details provided for Faster Payments will not be affected at this time.

Can I send/withdraw money via bank transfer?
GBP Payments processed via Faster Payment will not be affected and you can continue to transact via this method as before. However, during the transition phase, no incoming or outgoing transactions will be possible via SEPA or SWIFT.

Please refrain from transferring any funds during this short period of time, as they could result in severe delays.

How long will functionality be limited for?
We will update all affected customers as soon as services are able to be resumed as usual.

How will my bank details be affected?
New Bank Account details will be created for you and you will receive both an email notification and an update within the Wirex platform.

What will happen with my old bank details?
Due to this switch, you’ll no longer be able to carry out any incoming or outgoing SEPA and SWIFT transfers using your previous Wirex account details.

What if I already have an ongoing bank transfer?
If you already sent funds in/out before this announcement, they should reach the intended recipient as usual. However, it is advised not to make any additional transfer actions.

What if I need to make a bank transfer?
We understand that some customers will want to transfer their funds in/out of their bank accounts, however, we ask for your patience during this transitional phase. Each step that we make is to provide you with the best service possible and to create a stronger, more robust company going forward.

If an urgent withdrawal is required, please contact our Support Team, who will be able to assist you.

Will this affect my card?
No, your Wirex card and exchange services will work as normal.

Why is it asking me for an ID number after I log in?
A very small amount of users will be asked, after logging in, to enter an ID number. This is standard practice to confirm your information. You will find your ID number on the identification that you used to sign up to Wirex, such as your passport, drivers licence, national ID card, etc. If your ID has been re-issued since you signed up to Wirex, then please use the latest ID number on that document.


Hello there,
I’m coming out of my Telegram cave for get some details about this :nerd_face: :

_does that “switching banking service providers” could affect Plactic Card’s transfer (in/out) ?
(like when i put my Euros on Wirex with my bank MasterCard? or when i pay my bills with the Wirex Visa ?)

_Can it affect crypto transfer ? (in/out and swap inside Wirex ?)

Thanking you in advance for an answer,
best regards.

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Kann ich mein Wirex Konto per kreditkarte weiterhin aufladen bis der Wechsel der Bankdaten statt gefunden hat?

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