In store shopping refund not received

As title
I did raised a ticket #1785772
I accidentally pushed sending twice therefore there are two ticket number.

I canceled my booking in a hotel, hotel staff said they refunded today (with receipt come out from a machine) but I can’t see the money in my app, can someone pls kindly check for me.

Looking forward to hearing back from the team, thank you


Hello @Rae_Liu

When purchases are refunded on the card, you have to wait around a week. Support will provide more information shortly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Well noted, it’s refunded yesterday, I’ll check it later next week. Since it’s quite a big amount so I keep my eye on it.

Thanks for your help


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If the refund does not appear automatically, no worries, just make a transfer to the card (or outside). The refund is displayed correctly after that.

Do not hesitate to request your account statement via the ticket 1785772, this can be useful to you.

Have a nice day!

Forgot to update here, I got money refund couple of weeks ago, Wirex never let me down. Thank you! Best customer services ever!



Hi @Rae_Liu,

Thank you for the kind feedback! It’s always a pleasure to help you!