Interview with Wirex Founder


To celebrate the launch of the new cards in the coming weeks; our community manager will be interviewing Wirex founder Pavel Matveev asking all the questions you’ve posted here!

This interview will be conducted soon after the launch of the new cards; so feel free to ask about any features you want!

What questions would you like to ask? Post them below; and the ones with the most likes will be placed in the interview, filmed and posted!

The wait is almost over; the pain of Cardless Wirex is almost over!


How do you protect you application and wallet from cyber crooks who want to steal crypto coins?


What procedures/processes are different with the new card issuer to prevent (Visa/Mastercard) from revoking the operating licence as they did with Wavecrest?


What are going to be the new limits for verified and unverified users(if there is going to be a unverified category)?



Does this interview include the issue of the bankaccounts or just the new cards?

Concerning the bankaccounts,
Why do you partner with a bank licensed in the UK, concidering we are about one year away from brexit?

What measures are taken to allow customers in the EU to do free euro banktransfers to these accounts in the UK (as currently under the “SEPA” rules)?


Will the wirex card be available in South Africa again


Raphael has said that the new cards are normal debit cards and not prepaid cards. Does this mean that when you use your card the payment is debited directly from your bitcoin funds using a live trading price at the time of the transaction? Or will we still have to load them card from our bitcoin deposits prior to using it? The question is, will the WirexApp do the conversion from bitcoin to cash automatically?


What countries will the Wirex card be available in and what countries will we be able to use it in ?
Is it going to be linked to the VISA or Mastercard worldwide network ?


What is going on with the website? I cant sign in


Some great questions here; the question I would personally be looking to ask; is if Wirex plans on adding any other Native currencies to the payment card options?


Will there be in the future a support team in additional languages such as Russian, Hebrew… and more?

  1. Does Brexit provide an opportunity for Britain to pioneer crypto regulations?

  2. Could a friendly environment for crypto investors in the UK be the answer to the post-Brexit economic crisis?


I really like these questions!


A question that I seem to get asked allot at events is, why didn’t Wirex do an ICO like so many crypto payment card companies?

Would you guys like to see this question featured?

Wirex Payment Card Update

Last chance to give me some questions to ask the founder!


I think an ICO without a real token use case would be irresponsible anyway. Although, I do see a case for decentralised autonomous organisations raising funds via an ICO if they proceed with a staking token model similar to that of OmiseGO. The token then has utility as a means of raising funds and subsequently returning dividends without pretending to be a currency in itself.

  1. So what I would like to know is if Wirex plans on become a decentralised autonomous organisation in the future?

This space is about creating efficiencies by removing intermediaries but I understand that Wirex is facilitating the adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the short/medium term. I’m also imagining a future where Government’s create their own fiat cryptocurrencies, making ATM’s, cash and plastic credit/debit cards redundant.

  1. Basically, if Wirex does not intend to become a DAO once mass adoption is reached, what will Wirex’s business model be?


Also… Hi Raphael Shalaby!


Hey Peter! Miss you bro!


Thank you for all of your questions!

We conducted the interview and we have some great answers from the Founder himself!

We’ll keep you posted on when we will be publishing it soon; pretty much all the questions here were answered, and we got even more insight into the deeper workings of Wirex too!


Here’s a screenshot!