Introduce yourself!

As part of the re-launch of our Community Forum, it only makes sense to re-introduce ourselves! I’m Jenny, one of the Wirex Admins. I’ve been working here for the London team for almost two years now!

Please do not hesitate to introduce yourself here, we have many very experienced users that have been with us since the very beginning and also many new community members!

Should we start by discussing our favourite Wirex features? Mine is definitely Cryptoback™


It took a while to get ‘approved’ for Wirex. Finally made it, but is there anything useful I can do with it? I don’t want to buy WXT. Of course all balances are zero, but I can’t add/fund CDN or BTC. It does let me try to ‘send’ BTC (from an empty account). So why would I refer friends to Wirex? Is Wirex not usable for Canadians at this time?

hi, i’m WilsonMiller, 37 years old from France.
i’m a crypto entousiats and i’m not so fluent in english haha

my favorite Wirex Feature is also Cryptoback, cuz it allow me to stack WXT more faster than fast ^^

i also like the Wirex Team who are everyday here for us (especially in the jungle Telegram chat)

i hope it will work well for all because useing wirex allow me to be free from French expensive banks and their manipulations for get my money.

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Hi there Wilson! Glad to see you make the jump over from Telegram! We greatly appreciate your support. Here’s to making a great community!


Hi there, sorry to hear in the delay you experienced. In regards to the functions currently available in Canada you can use it as a Crypto wallet to store your tokens. You can receive and send with these crypto wallets. We are planning on coming over to Canada, therefore you will be one of the first to enjoy the full benefits and features as you are already verified. Thank you.

Ali !! haha ^^
i greatly appreciate your support too; i remember you (and the team) helped me when i was closed to fall x)
hope it work well here, good luck to you and thx for your work :+1::+1:


Wow thanks Wilson! That really means a lot.

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Hi @Ali_Wirex and @Jenny_Wirex,
I’m Elia from Italian unofficial Wirex group on telegram :wink:

Thanks for this forum!


Hi @eliafino,

Glad to see you hear as well! Thank you so much for assisting us whenever you can. Really appreciate your kindness and support :slight_smile:

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Hello, i use Wirex since 2018.
with wirex I lost 4000 dollars. my account was plundered, blocked by wirex and wirex has not reported since that time. It’s been 4 months now. Good luck.

Hi Elia! Welcome onboard. So glad you joined us here as well and thank you for your continued support! :tada:

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Hi Stefan, I am awaiting an update from the team. As soon as I get one I, or the support team will be in touch. Thank you

Create a live chat in the app, it is way too much stress to contact wirex, it shoudnt feel this unsafe to use wirex. Live chat only people with real problems will message instead of people getting scammed everywhere! I dont even know why this hasnt been implemented. Support for Wirex is the worst I have ever experienced In my life

Hey guys!

I’ve been using Wirex ever since you provided an on-ramp, off-ramp for Nano.

Bought 500k WXT at the first opportunity and couldn’t be happier. Zero fees to convert Nano into fiat, and have it in my bank account within 2 hours, feels like I’m cheating the system somehow!!

I’m a British resident but travel within Asia a lot for business, usually Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Access to the new Wirex travelcard would be fantastic. Features such as crypto back for online and international purchases are highest on my wishlist!

Really appreciate all your work guys, thank you.

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I’m so sorry to hear this but thank you so much for your feedback. We are working on live support and will update you all in due time. Thank you again.

Hey there! Thanks for joining and welcome to our community forum! :tada:

Thanks so much for this feedback and for your support! We greatly appreciate it.

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Hi just joined here from the Telegram, find this very strange, nothing like Telegram so will take some getting used to it. Anyway first question , when I transfer from another wallet to my wirex wallet is there a charge?

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Hi Charles, welcome to the Wirex community forum! As you know I’ve already answered you on another platform but just wanted to answer you on here as well. There is a fee, including the blockchain fee. This will vary depending on how much you are sending. But also check with your wallet that you are sending from as well. If you need anything else, I and the rest of the team will be here. All the best.

Thanks again Ali would be nice if we could see the wirex charge somewhere. Anyway would like to know the percentage cost that wirex charges for future transfers. Thanks