Introduce yourself!

I want to start buying and selling. How do I start, I have already 200€in my account in your bank through wirex Card.

Hey Guys! My name is Ade and I’m Brand spanking new here.

Only just found out about Wirex this week. Oops! Account set up and verification was seemless. Transfer of WXT to my account was lightning fast… First experience with the Stellar Blockchain. So far it’s been great. Patiently waiting on my card now for that sweet 1.5% cryptobacks.

If anyone’s got any tips or red flags I should be aware about please feel free to msg me. :sunglasses:


Welcome to Wirex! :tada: Glad to have you. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have and check out the community forum as we have posts covering a whole range of topics.

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Hey there Kevin, which crypto would you like to buy? The actions to buy are pretty straight forward in the app. If you are buying directly from a linked card simply go to the crypto you want in the main dashboard, tap on the + sign, chose your linked card, enter the amount and confirm. If you want to exchange the funds from your Wirex euro wallet then go to the EUR wallet, tap on the exchange button and chose the crypto you want to exchange to.

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How do I know if I making profit or not?
How do I withdraw my money if I want :question:
And which bank as wirex visa card?

Hi Kevin, so in regards to knowing if you make a profit or not, this is something that you need to research more. Our platform is not labeled as an exchange in the conventional sense. It is a digital payments platform with the feature of being able to get certain crypto that we host on it. I cannot advise on how to spend your funds in order to make a profit or not. So please do your research on each coin that we host so you know the backstory as well as checking charts daily. We have done bite-sized profile pieces on BTC, ETH, XRP, WXT, LTC, DAI, XLM. Which is useful if you want to get to know the coins/tokens a bit better.

In regards to withdrawing your funds, you will need to have a Wirex card. Once you have that and activate it you will see your bank account details along with the bank itself. Hope this helps. All the best.


But after I invested 200€ is telling me that I don’t have money in my card and withdrawal column is blocked, what does that mean?

If you added funds into Wirex then it will go into your current account. If you then want to spend those fund on your Wirex card then you will have to transfer it from your current account into your card account. If you are still having issues. Either go to the support channel in this forum HERE or create a ticket HERE.

Thank you


How do I get my money back to my wirex card if I want please?

Ciao e grazie del lavoro che fate.

Hi all:)
It’s Crypto Beast here
Been using wirex for a while!!!
Love the card and the ease of use.
Greetings to all :orange_heart:


Hi Wirex community,
good luck for all may the luck be with us for the 250£ of WXT!


I am more and more impressed by wirex the more that I use it. It is the perfect bridge between the crypto and fiat world.


Hi, good to be here! :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Been with Wirex for less than a year but generally pretty pleased with the functionality, especially the exchange facility between crypto and fiat (& back).

Only issues I’ve had were a very long delay of about a month to get a new card and inability to do an international bank transfer - has this functionality now been restored? Anyone else have any issues with it?

Cryptoback is great although wish it was also accrued for online purchases rather than just in store.

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Saluti dall’Italia sto utilizzando wirex da qualche mese , il mio giudizio eccellente

Hi Wirex Community!!! I am Mario, living in Spain and have been using your service for a couple of years. Very satisfied :green_heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

I am Manuel live in uk and i love wirex

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Hi how are You?

Hello Dear wirex community! Hope everything is splendid with you. Currently I’m enjoying vacations with my family in Poland. Despite all bad things concerning this pandemia, it’s a great opportunity to show more love and respect towards everyone. Peace.