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Hi. It’s Been more than a week and I steal haven’t received the money to my WIREX IBAN Account. What to do?

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Hi Michael, have you created a support ticket for this? If yes, please go to our dedicated support channel here on the forum, or you can send your support ticket reference number to

They will be able to assist you in getting this resolved.

Thank you


Crypto back is my fave too, I’ve been with Wirex since 2018 but have only realised recently the benefits of using my Wirex card for everyday shopping.

Hi it is Martino from Perth, Australia. Saying hello to everyone here. I am glad to become member of Wirex community :slight_smile: Hopefully it will grow and be always for unknown matters regarding Wirex.

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I’m Mark and I’m in it for the money.:grinning:
I’m hoping to retire soon.


Hello i’m Jo, i’m from the world.
I’m wirex users now 3 years ±
I’m working in real estates.

Best regards

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Ciao a tutti utenti di WXT! Che la fortuna vi assista…

Ciao a tutti ragazzi…
Mi raccomando diamoci tutti da fare che tutto questo si chiama FUTURO…

Hi, I am new here. Have been using wired for a month in HK. Really love the card. Any others also from HK?

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Hello. I am new here and I really need some help please !
So Ive made an account , verified it and transfer crypto currency to my account in Wirex. I wanted to withdrawn the cash equivalent of that cryptocurecny but I do not see how I can do that. When I open the cryptocurrency account and click send there is only email address. How can I transfer to a bank account or some other way to get my money ? I am very confused and hope that someone will be kind enough to explain .
Thank you !

ho appena ricevuto la carta wirex in euro la ho gia attivata tutto ok ma non riesco acaricare soldi saluti dettopietro1

I’m Andy from Manchester, I’ve had wirex account for 14 months and I’m so glad I decided to get into crypto. I want to earn money in this space and quit my job labouring as soon as possible

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I am Henry, not much of a big trader. I never will be to be honest. I travel around regularly with the Royal Air Force so I love the exchange service for currency. I own 150 000 wxt roughly and enjoy using the app. The customer service has improved loads within the last year.

Hi friends, I’m enjoying wirex but it has not been working lately, I hope it works again soon.

Hello @zzz which parts of the app are not working. The team on here are very helpful

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Hi @henrylavery101, thank you, the app works but my transactions are declined for no reason. Case 1544500.

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Hello , I’m Anthony from Italy and I’m happy I found this wirex platform , I wish wirex success to go and dominate every other cryptocurrency that cane before it .

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@zzz Unfortunately I don’t work for Wirex but some of the Wirex support team will be able to help.

@Ali_Wirex @Jenny_Wirex @Fadzhana_Wirex

However , irrespective of everything function well ,But ,I have just a little problem , I cannot find my four digits code to activate my debit MasterCard card and I have only given mandate to add it to be able to use my debit MasterCard to top my wirex account or my card will be deleted . I don’t know where to find it and that’s my only problem now . Please I wish someone could help me out , thanks and best regards

This made we smile! :grin:


In it for the money.