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Hi there Everyone My Name Is Ayliah McCleod I have been Locked out of my My Wirex App.I am trying to Apply for A Wirex Card.I tried to do my ID and Selfie not long after that Through all my Attempts it Locked me out.I Cannot get back in.Can Someone please Help me

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hi, new member of the forum but been a wirex user for around 6 months I think, excited to try the new mastercard!


bonjour je suis patrice, en france ,membre de wirex et je n’arrive pas à envoyer des btc pour payer un achat .J’ai la somme en btc et wirex me répond qu’il ne peut faire le versement et ca depuis une semaine (le 24/10/20).merci de votre aide


Hello there, I just set up a wirex account on my mobile app. However I’m not able to add any funds to wirex tokens or Bitcoins. The add funds button is disabled. Would we not be able to do so from India? Thanks in advance.

Hello Wirexers :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Welcome to the Wirex community! :partying_face:

@Ayliah_Mc_Cleod To resolve this issue, you can create a support ticket by going here:

Then select “Account verification” and “Other”.

Thank you for your understanding.

@patledauphin17 Pour obtenir de l’aide, vous pouvez contacter le support d’assistance en soumettant un ticket ICI.
Si vous avez déjà contacté le support d’assistance, vous pouvez partager votre numéro de ticket sur le sujet de discussion « Support Inquiry Escalation Thread ».

Merci de votre compréhension.

@Gopaks14 Based on the information on the available features of the supported countries, you cannot top up with your local card. This means that you must first top up your account via another means, by making an external transfer to your Wirex main account or by adding funds from an external crypto wallet to your Wirex BTC / WXT wallet.

Here is where you will find more information about it:

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact support by creating a ticket HERE.

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I’m Simone
Thanks for having me as I get to know more about Wirex.

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Hi my name is Helen I’m also new at this and have no knowledge in cryptocurrency but interested in finding out more about it. So maybe we’ll be able to help each other out. Hope to hear back from you soon.:money_mouth_face:

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Helpful information

That’ll be helpful. So how have you found it so far?

@Simone_Peters hi well so far I know how to add funds.

Kia ora Helen
I’m from Whangarei.

Tena koe peter

Hi, I’m just a guy from Belarus who hope to use wirex when it will become available in my country. Btw, any ETA on this?

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I m sorry but i m trying to get an answer from you since 9 days!

You own me 600 euros and i want it back.

Please could anyone from the team could answer to my mail?

It is very anoying and so not professional.

You are a bank, and you have to be reactive.
It is not a game, you block me in my work and my life because you are not answering.

My Bitcoin was wiped out and it’s just 0.000000, I had some money there and it’s all gone.
I’ve written to support many times but up to this date I haven’t had 1 single reply, it says verify my account and asked me to send document which I did and again I have not heard anything.
Do you guys have similar issues??
Just wondering!!
Lillian x

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Hey I am Tan and can still not believe this awesome wirex system. It really is the best I’ve discovered the last few years


Hi, Im new to WireX. Can someone please explain how I add fiat to my card. There seems to be no option at all. There is money sitting in the Fiat account in $ the card is active and verified etc. Thanks

Hi I’m warren,I am getting very frustrated as I have 2 ongoing tickets,neither of which has been responded to and I am missing money,is anyone here able to point me in the right direction and help me please.