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Hello, I had opened tickets to get my mobile number changed in my wirex profile in January 21 and the wirex support still has not changed my mobile number. Now I don`t have any access to my wirex account because 2 FA also does not work. Today on March 7th I have opened a new ticket. When will this ticket be processed? I need to transfer my money.

Hi, I’m Linn & just got my new Mastercard today. I activated it but can’t link it to my Euro account, only Bitcoin account.
How can I link it to both accounts ? Thanks !

Hello. Laimis from Lithuania…
Really like wirex, cause i hold crypto and send them anywhere i want. :slight_smile:

Crypto Cash back is perfect :slight_smile:

Just today i got msg from DHL, that tomorrow i will get new card. But i can’t use it, cause my accounts is locked :frowning: BTC, ETH - gone. It happen after app update. Hopefully it will come back.

Nice to meet you all. :sunny:

Heii all together :wave: I read and respectfully see the tremendous effort of the Wirex team. I hope for the success of all of us and that there is no insidious plan anywhere.
I got a new Wirex card yesterday. WXT I hope it will work in the right direction :four_leaf_clover::+1:
Positive thoughts to all :hugs:


Try deleting the app, restarting your phone and reinstalling the app. Seems to do the trick 90% of the time… :+1:

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Will try now. Thank you

All money are back, but still verification is stuck.
I believe problem started when i ordered new card to another address. System thought that i changed address.

Whith Whom i can contact? I got card and want to start using it.

Hey @profitnews, is it stuck on the login screen or can you log in?

You received your card ok, is that correct ? So I imagine you have the correct address setup if you received the card to the address you gave…

Can you log in on the website: ?

Also if you want to send me a screenshot via PM (don’t include any private info, I’m not Wirex staff so will probably try to steal all your money! :wink:), I’ll see if I can help any more?

Otherwise you can use the online chat (if you can log in via the link above?) or send a support request via: but be warned, it might be a slow response, the support crew seem to be a bit overwhelmed. Once you have a ticket number you can post a message in: Support Inquiry Escalation Thread which might expedite it a bit?

Hope that helps?!


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Hi Seth,

Thank you for your reply.

Sometimes we never get the answers as to why certain banks or cards are not supported…

When attempting to verify my Lloyds Visa Debit Card, under the ‘Linked card’ section of my Wirex account; it did not take me to / or as far as the verified by Visa secure page. When I last attempted to send the Verification amount or even slightly more (25th February); I immediately receive a message in Wirex under recent activity, saying ‘Failed’. Which you will see in my account.

As both the means of adding funds to my Wirex account(s) are unavailable to me (Linked card and bank transfer) - due to there being no Bank Transfer functions currently available in Wirex either…I may have to do what I would like to do on another platform when I am ready.

Not sure there is much else I can do?

Kindest regards


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It could be Lloyds won’t allow it. I saw something on the news recently about certain big UK banks stopping Crypto related purchases via their accounts. Might be worth checking with them?


Hello, my name is Antonio Tomas Elias and your contact service is a b … h, I have a blocked account, I can not do anything and there is no way they can give me a solution, I do nothing but send emails to contact and they do nothing .

Seth, Thank you all done.
Problem i had was old utility bill… :grinning:
All works now.

Coinbase and Revolut are my go to solutions when I need to quickly and efficiently move/ exchange crypto/fiat. It’s normally (99% of the time, assuming Coinbase isn’t down at the time…) instant to transfer funds both directions.

Fees can be a little bit higher, especially for lower amounts using Coinbase because of their set fee £2.99 <£200 policy and 15p for a SEPA/IBAN withdrawal.

I’m sure Wirex will eventually (they even have at times in the last 12 months) make this process simpler and cheaper, but for now they’re needing to improve both reliability and costs.

Good luck!


Ah yes, the somewhat overly strict KYC/AML rules. Yes, I had given my address in a format slightly different to that of a phonebill (addresses are pretty much just made up in rural France, you have to hope you meet the postman in the local cafe to explain which house is yours!). Unfortunately, Wirex doesn’t get this fact and so it took me about 10 tries to work out what their beef was… They do say common sense is a dangerous thing - clearly completely avoided in Wirex admin offices!

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Hello everyone,

I m new to wirex, just created an account, but i find it extremly sahdy that all the informations are somehow unclear at least.

For example, i m supposed to be able to choose between visa or mastercard, bu there is no such option when i try to order a wirex card, and i dont want to end with a visa card that would require both monthly fees and WXT staking. As my understanding is the mastercard one only requires an annual fee without stacking.
Sadly again, no CLEAR information on wirex site or wirex application …

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Hi there! I’m sorry to hear about this. Please could you tell us what kind of information you are looking for?

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Hello, I’m using wirex a long time now. Can you check 345683 please. I’m still waiting.

I don’t own my old number anymore and want to change it to my new one otherwise I can’t see the PIN of my new MasterCard.


Hi Seth,

Thank you for your replies; they were of some help - so thank you for that :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe Lloyds Bank may be one of the big UK banks stopping any Crypto platform purchase-related transactions. (As I also with Coinbase received an instant Chargeback in my Lloyds account, when attempting to verify my Lloyds account with the small required funds’ transaction).

When I was last able (in my Wirex Account) to send and receive fiat funds to and from my Lloyds bank account via Bank Transfer; there was no issue (the issue arose with the Linked card feature).
However, with Wirex not yet having the bank transfer option functioning with the new MasterCard; I’m yet to know whether I will still be able to do Lloyds bank transfers to and from my Wirex Account when this is enabled with MasterCard?
I also have no idea how long before the bank transfer feature is back functioning with Wirex? Any ideas?

I also refer/am referring my clients to use Wirex, and I am a Wirex Investor - now on a platform, I do not right now appear to be able to use (albeit partly I believe due to my particular UK bank). Nevertheless; not a great advert for my clients, if I myself am unable to use it…lol.

You mention Revolut; however, I believe a Revolut Account would still need to be funded with Fiat currency by bank transfer or card, from a traditional bank account - is this right?
Therefore would I not have the same issue with Lloyds stopping me from sending my GBP fiat currency from my Lloyds account to my Revolut account?

Unless of course this is either not an issue (between Lloyds and Revolut?). Or incoming fiat payments (e.g. from my clients or anyone else), can be sent directly to your Revolut account; and you can use your Revolut account exactly like a traditional bank account - for direct debits, standing orders and any other payments or purchases?

From reading about Revolut and looking under the info on the website, this is not clear if these traditional bank features are available with Revolut?

As you have a Revolut account, if you’re able to shed some light on any of this, that would be helpful?

Many thanks in advance Seth.

Kindest regards


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Hi Michele,

Get yourself a Revolut account! They are brilliant… the only downside is you can’t have proper crypto wallets with wallet addresses to send recieve crypto. You can however send bank transfers to Worex with Revolut. …and apparently you can also now use your revolut card with Wirex too (haven’t tried it again yet though?)

But again, Revolut is a 5 :star: company and customer service is superb! I ditched Lloyds for Revolut, they’re better than anything available from the highstreet banks. Alternatively, Monzo are also brilliant… or in fact, Starling if you want a “proper” British e-bank! No harm in trying all, doesn’t cost you anything!

They are a different offering to Wirex, so I feel I can say this without feeling toooo guilty!

Hope that helps?




Hello :slight_smile: I am new one here!

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