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Ali or Yan.

I had a distressed french lady Judith ( @JDKO ) reach out to me with the same ‘issues’ shall we say I had with your company.
I feel compelled to reach out to you on her behalf to escalate her issue to the highest authority.
As I have said before, you have both been men of your word, so I hope you help her to the best of you ability.
People are really struggling here and these stringent rules during a crisis should be fast tracked, solely for the reason of human compassion.
I have advised her to be persistent on the forums and other mediums as that is the best way to get a response, as I have advised her to complain to the relevant authorities.
Please do what you can for her.



Hello James, my apologies in my delayed reply. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. In regards to your friend Judith, I will need the support ticket reference number.

@JDKO Is it possible that you can share your ticket reference number with me here? And I will flag it immediately with the support team.

Thank you

Also just to add, @IgotRobbedbyWirex I haven’t forgotten about your post above. I will get back to you on that one. I just want to make sure I have all the facts so I can give you the most up to date information. Thank you

Thank you kindly, regarding both issues.

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Bonjour, je viens de Belgique, je soutiens wirex .
Hier après un échec de transfert les 40€ euro ne son ni apparu ni sur le compte wirex,ni sur ma carte wirex. Où est l’argent ?

Hello REMY,
Thank you for contacting Wirex team.

Your request (1424367)

Bonjour Ali mon numéros de reference es 1391821

encore désolé pour la réponse tardive !

Merci James

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Merci Judith. S’il vous plaît, vous n’avez pas à vous excuser. Je vais poursuivre cela avec l’équipe de support pour vous maintenant.

(J’utilise Google Translator, alors pardonnez-moi si la grammaire n’est pas correcte)

Je suis désolé d’entendre ça. Je signalerai cela pour vous avec l’équipe de support. Je vous remercie

Je vous en prie !

J’aimerais comprendre la raison de l’exclusion de @ [IgotRobbedbyWirex]) de ce forum !
dois je comprendre que cet espace qui devrais en outre aider la clientel wirex et renforcer la confiance que nous avons " malheureusement" accorder a ce service es juste …

Depuis quelque mois Wirex c’est permis de me privée de mes fond , me laissans sans solution aucune moi et ma famille après m’avoir demander toute sorte de justficatif que j’ai soumis a leurs equipe d assistance pour le deverouillage de mon compte
Alors si demander de l’aide a qui voudrais bien m aider dans le but de trouver une approche qui pourrais me permettre de beneficier de mes due es une excuse pour bani des membre de ce forum alors je me pose la question de savoir quelle es le but reel de ce forum entre autre …

Vos excuses qui demande de patienter encore et encore laissans mes enfants dans le desarrois je n en veux plus , ici je veux juste récupérer mes fonds
mon ticket : 1391821

bien, cordialement

depuis plusieurs semaine que je pose mon problème j’ai toujours aucune décision de Wirex de me restituer mes fonds, alors j’appelle au bon sens de tous les administrateurs de cette page de nous venir en aide ma famille et moi !

HI guys. My names Ollie but go by Hercules on here. I am new to this and was told its better to buy bitcoin direct rather than convert my cash to bitcoin. How do I do that?

Play with options on App itself. It is easy to use. You can buy Bitcoin and keep it on your Wirex wallet or swap it for Euro Currency when you intend to do shopping. You can also just keep Bitcoin or Ethernet on your wallet there. Just remember, to be able to use card, you have to exchange some crypto ( let say part of BTC for Currency you want to pay with in store or online ). Good Luck and enjoy using Wirex :slight_smile:


I have done everything asked of me by wirex I order to reverify my account such as change the address on. The. App you my new one and submit a proof of address document. It says clearly in your information that it should only take 20 minutes to verify. It has been over four days now and I still do not have access to my funds. Prior to this I really liked wirex thought it was great but now I am left feeling distressed and betrayed at this inconsiderate ignoring of my attempts. To contact support I. Order to resolve this matter. I have contacted. Both the FCA and the omdusman and I have also lodged a official complaint. But wirex is continually ignoring my request to give me access to my funds if. Only to transfer them to another bank account of mine and close my wirex account. I have had my wirex account for over two years and never had any problems do why now!!!. Give me access to my money now!!! Please

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I chose this App because it gave me almost everything you need to buy / sell BTC; have a card that allows me to withdraw money every day from the ATMs. Being able to have a Fiat account and being able to buy in physical stores and online.

But from the bump with its payment platform … every day this app is getting worse. (Today I have not been able to enter your website with my Mac.) I can not transfer from my Wirex card to my account in € and, no I can buy Cryptocurrencies from my balance in €.

In other words, everything is getting worse, so I would like to recover all my money that I have at Wirex.

Now for the moment I can withdraw 240 € from the ATM every day.

I am surprised, however, that they send an @ to their clients, communicating, that they have reached an agreement with MASTERCARD, as the main member of this international “giant” of payments. (SIC)

I do not understand then, as right now Wirex seems a “corpse”.

I await your news.


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I want to start buying and selling. How do I start, I have already 200€in my account in your bank through wirex Card.

Hey Guys! My name is Ade and I’m Brand spanking new here.

Only just found out about Wirex this week. Oops! Account set up and verification was seemless. Transfer of WXT to my account was lightning fast… First experience with the Stellar Blockchain. So far it’s been great. Patiently waiting on my card now for that sweet 1.5% cryptobacks.

If anyone’s got any tips or red flags I should be aware about please feel free to msg me. :sunglasses:


Welcome to Wirex! :tada: Glad to have you. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have and check out the community forum as we have posts covering a whole range of topics.

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