Introducing Cryptoback - Smarter Cash back from Wirex


In addition to the re-launch of our contactless cards, we have been working on a new #gamechanging feature -
Introducing “Cryptoback™” the world’s first crypto-back offer exclusive to the Wirex Visa Payment Card!

As a Wirex card user, you will now be rewarded EVERY TIME you use your Wirex card in-store.

:credit_card: The Wirex payment card just got a whole lot more interesting. We’re shaking things up with the launch of our Cryptoback™ Rewards program! :credit_card::dollar:

Here’s your cheat sheet - how it works, who can use it, why it differs from credit card reward schemes, and how you can get one! :information_desk_person:

:moneybag: Cryptoback™ rewards you when you use your Wirex payment card in-store. It’s similar to a credit card rewards offer, but with a twist. Instead of cashback, you get Crypto! (Bitcoin to be exact). Every time you pay in-store by chip & pin or Tap&Go, you get 0.5% back in rewards. :moneybag:

:credit_card: With the Wirex payment card, you earn and redeem your rewards instantly in Bitcoin. You have the choice of keeping the rewards in Bitcoin or you can exchange them within the app into the currency of your choice – GBP, USD, EUR or Litecoin (LTC). :fire: :currency_exchange:

Wirex Payment Card Update

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