Introducing New Contactless Wirex Payment Cards

Early-Bird Registration Now Open For The New Contactless Card From Wirex Available Internationally. Get a front-of-the-line pass for the new card — Register your interest below Yes! Let me know the moment Contactless Cards are readyNotify MeWe’ll be in touch!As soon as the cards are ready, you’ll know. Q: Cryptocurrency-Powered Contactless Payment Cards? Yes. The time has come to revolutionise the cryptocurrency cards market once again. We did it back in 2013 with the original e-Coin…

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Want to see the full scoop on this; we hosted a live webinar where we answered all your questions:

This is still our top priority and I really can’t wait for this to arrive!

Please register now for a further update on where we’re at with this:

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Hi, I would like to know if the payment cards are available in my country, I’m living in Colombia? Thank you :slight_smile:.

Buon Giorno, il 25 novembre ho ordinato la carta prepagata Wirex, fino ad oggi non è arrivato niente, mi sapete dire quanti giorni mediamente bisogna attendere per avere la carta? Grazie.

Any cards ordered before 1st of December will be refunded back to your Wirex account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I appreciate that you can’t disclose who the new card provider is at the moment, however just wondering what protections are going to be put in place to prevent the events on 4th January reoccurring?

Is it possible to have two seperate card suppliers, one for Visa and one for Mastercard so if one loses its authorisation at least we still have the other to mitigate the loss of the other. Or is Wirex not allowed to work with both Visa and Mastercard suppliers at the same time?

Also during the webinar, it was mentioned that Wirex may be looking at introducing a business banking facility. Do we have any time scale on this facility? I am sure like many of the other legitimate miners we as a legitimate industry need a reliable business banking facility,so we aren’t having to worry if the next SEPA credit from coinbase is going to be the one that closes the bank account down!!

Any update would be greatly appreciated.

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I doubt very much it’s a Visa -

Visa hasn’t stopped all card providers that are associated with crypto: