Introducing the New Wirex Whitepaper & Nereus

We’ve published a brand new whitepaper bringing an updated vision for WXT, placing it at the centre of a raft of new innovations for fintech and DeFi users. Think Xtras 2.0 and a non-custodial multi-chain WirexWallet.

For full details please see our blog HERE.


Great news! :fire:


What I could get from the papers, is to pay more, get less

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This will become our moon news.


You dont detail moving xaccount assets to non custodial wallet nor interest rates
Will xaccounts be available via non custodial wallet
When is this change happening

I am just a middle class user of wirex who joined the premium plan and hold about 50000 wxt right now.
Tell me if I was wrong.
I am going to get a 0.5% advantage in my spending, with:

  1. A 2% reduction in my monthly wxt saving bonus ( now 4%)
  2. A 4%, or maybe 8% decrease in my fiat x account interest( I suspect the 8% apr in fiat of premium entry account is already earning in wxt)

While I may:

  1. Purchase 100000 wxt now with 400+ usd and lock it up to get a closer rate of apy I have now, or
  2. Purchase 450000 wxt now with about 2000 usd, lock it up to get a slightly higher rate on my wxt saving bonus

Either way I will need to pray for not being banned by some reason you will never be able to find out while buying a can of coke in a foreign country 7-11.

That’s lovely.


Im so excited for this new features


Hi @Fricher112 :wave:

This is exactly what you get with a Premium Plan:

  • Premium plan - the same revolutionary features as Standard, plus a whopping 1% Cryptoback™ in-store and online, 4% annually on the balance of your WXT account, and free express delivery for your new multicurrency Wirex card.

About the interests in X-Account, here is what you need to know:

Hope this information helps. :+1:
Don’t hesitate to come back if you still need help!

Best regards!

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I think @Fricher112 is asking about the situation when the new schemes listed on the whitepaper become the reality.

So when the whitepaper says, staking 500k WXT will allow us to earn 16% from x-Acc fiat, does that mean earning-in-kind or earning in WXT? It’s not clear on the paper, and we guess it’s in WXT, which means earning in kind will be 12% and it’s exactly what we are getting right now without any need to buy and stake 500k WXT… what a joy!

Staking number will apparently bring the fiat rate to 8% that it probably implies merely 4% of in-kind interest…

Would also like to know what is the effective date of these new whitepaper schemes. We could probably expect some turbulence of WXT price during these times, and/or escape of fund from the existing x-Acc to other places…

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I’m going off if you put only 4% on WXT balance. As kind currencies it might be 20% interest on it…

2.0 :wink: