Introducing the Wirex crypto dream team

The excitement of Euro 2020 has got us thinking: if we had to make a crypto XI football team, how would it line up?

To find out, we dusted off our book of football cliches and reviewed scouting reports, match stats and a load of ‘best of’ videos on YouTube. And here it is – our ultimate crypto dream team!

Remember – not only are these ‘players’ capable of a mean rabona, they are also all available to buy, exchange, store and spend using the Wirex app and card.

Build your dream team today!

Goalkeeper: DAI

Tall, stable and dependable, DAI is a reassuring presence between the sticks. Known to quote Camus in post-match interviews.

Left centre-back: XRP

A bit of a renegade, XRP is no stranger to the referee’s whistle. Behind the gruff exterior, however, lurks a born winner with stamina in buckets.

Right centre-back: MKR

MKR enjoys a near-telepathic relationship with goalkeeper DAI (they have matching tattoos). The two converse exclusively in Danish are not nearly as effective without each other.

Left-back: Litecoin

Fast for its build with a mean left foot. Litecoin is a real goal threat from set-pieces, but occasionally needs to be reminded of its defensive duties.

Right-back: Lumens

Deceptively speedy - will run up and down the flanks all day and never get tired. Prone to superstition, Lumens wears the same pair of underpants every match day.

Defensive midfield: Nano

Small but perfectly formed, Nano dictates play from the base of midfield. Often underestimated by opponents on account of its size, Nano isn’t afraid of a crunching tackle.

Right midfield: Ether

Known for scoring worldies from outside the area and getting a new celebrity haircut every week, Ether is a key player in the Wirex XI. Will avoid headers on account of the ‘do.

Left midfield: Bitcoin

Captain, leader, legend. Bitcoin might be getting on a bit but uses experience and a keen footballing brain to gain the upper hand over opponents. Married to a famous popstar.

Right wing forward: AAVE

Uses skill and trickery to unlock defences and access DeFi-powered earning. AAVE is a newcomer to the Wirex XI but is quickly becoming a crowd favourite.

Left wing forward: Waves

Does its talking on the pitch – you’ll never see Waves falling out of a nightclub at 4am. Drives a Mini and is never, ever late for training.

Centre-forward: Wirex Token

By far the best-looking player on the pitch, WXT is a versatile and effective striker. Bangs in goals for fun (and unlocks supercharged Cryptoback™ rewards).