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Calling all Wirex Investors!

I think it’s safe to say, Wirex seems to be having a few growing pains at present!

I thought I might take the opportunity to remind all investors it is in their best interest to support the company you have invested your money in, refrain from negativity which could adversely affect our investments, and perhaps lend a hand?!

There are numerous posts of basic questions here, everyday, which could easily be responded to by the community of investors and save some of Wirex’s paid resources, ultimately helping YOU the investor!

This will provide a better sense of community, more satisfied punters, and hopefully allow Wirex’s staff a bit of a breather to catch up.

If every capable investor gave a few minutes each week (perhaps everyday?!), that would be the equivalent of probably a whole office full of support staff.

So, come on team, let’s all get on side and make this company fly!

Investor Support - Your thoughts?
  • Good idea - I’d love to help my investment
  • Terrible idea - I’d prefer my investment to fail
  • I’m only here for the Cryptoback!

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Haha i wanted to vote for “Terrible idea - id prefer my investment to fail”, just for kidding because i missed the crowdcube investor program x)

But i’m “here for the tech”, also here for stay away from traditional fiat bad banksters (i feel really free and secure with Wirex).

And i’m here too for the cryptoback so it would be pleasent if Wirex can grow better.

Also i’m happy to help ppl when i can (when i have time), so at least your idea seems positive and not bad :+1:

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How you built this? Could you build a statistic of how many wxt we consumer hold?

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So there are “apparently” 10,000,000,000 in supply, 3,600,000,000 circulating (i.e. available to trade on exchanges). We can assume that the 6.4B are likely split between Wirex LTD and Wirex customer WXT wallets, although if Wirex uses OKEx as its exchange platform, it’s possible some of the 3.6B is included too. But, for simplicity, let’s just say the amount in customer wallets is between 3.6 and 6.4 billion. Wirex claims to have around 3 million users, so that would say each user has between 1200 and 2133 WXT average in their WXT Wallet.

However, according to the Stellar network: StellarExpert | Stellar XLM block explorer and analytics platform.

There are in fact only 242!! (two hundred and forty two!) wallets with more than 0 WXT in them. So either Wirex is providing “sub wallets” or nobody is really holding WXT. It will be interesting to see how this changes as the new WXT based rewards program starts, in theory this number should increase to somewhere near 3 million…

Currently only 36 wallets have more than 10k WXT
12 wallets have more than 1M WXT
3 wallets have more than 1 billion, I suspect (hope) at least one of these is the combined “sub wallet”, otherwise something is very very strange…



Ok, actually I just pasted my wallet address into the scanner and it’s a shared wallet, number 6 in the rankings with 69,380,465 WXT - so I guess that’s the amount that Wirex users hold (less than 1% of the amount in circulation). Therefore Wirex users hold an average of 23 WXT each…

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Yes but you are wrong in one part. Analize Wxt in stellar network and our wxt. See how many wallet hold wxt and you will see that there are 2 tipe of wxt. our 3.5 mlrd and other 6.5 mlrd. See how on global price spike in stellar network; our wxt is more stable. @seth what scanner? Share me scanner!!!

Check my edit…

This is what yo were referring right?

This was the initial token distribution according to the white paper.

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So Wirex has a bunch of Stellar Accounts which it looks to use as deposit and withdrawal accounts, including trustlines for FOREX accounts, which it seems to have recently removed - I guess part of the new setup.

What is quite concerning is the extremely low balances of these accounts historically. It would certainly explain why there have been so many problems with withdrawals…

However, it’s very difficult to accurately explain the structure without inside knowledge of the Wirex systems.

The account names and volumes in/out of what are clearly the Wirex trading accounts, do raise a lot of questions however…

There also looks to be a regular monthly movement of either 100M, 200M or 300M WXT on the first or last day of the month to an account GAMO7YSSKHGMSD7QWUKRIBSUPO3OGTTZG2PJWSESMYTFZNHFZW2PKYLY

It would be very interesting to know what this is? Nothing has been transferred out of this account only in. Is this to manipulate the token value, or is it someone’s dividend, I wonder? All very interesting, normal companies don’t have their finances in clear view for the public, normally just a “made up” accountants’ summary. It would be very interesting to marry these up with what’s on Companies House returns, see if there is any marriage. Although what’s on there will be the year before last’s books, I guessing. My brain is starting to hurt now, and I’m hungry. I’ve given you the tools, take it from here if you’re really interested…


I think the account structure is slightly more complicated, not elaborate, but not quite as per that piechart. The numbers are no way near though, although having done a fair few Business Plans for investment/borrowing purposes, what is on paper and what is reality aren’t necessarily the same thing!! :joy:.
It certainly changes within 5 minutes of getting the cash and needing to buy some new kit or employ some more bods!

True that.

Its Getting closer to a month tough after submitting id verification and investment proof still don’t have the investor badge in my account as well as the Invertor Mastercard enabled in my profile. What’s going on doesn’t seem to be rocket science which will take years to do. Escalated this to CEO through LinkedIn and twitter but seems he also don’t care about the investors. @Ali_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex @Anastasiia_Wirex

Need to have a timeline by when this will be fixed ?

@Pavel_Wirex hasn’t been on this forum since August last year, perhaps if he was to drop in once in a while he might have a better insight into how things are going from his customers’ perspective. Also his customers and investors might get a better impression that he actually gives a shi…?

@Ali_Wirex I appreciate he is no doubt extremely busy, but maybe he could be reminded that his adoring public would love to see him once in a while, or at least he could perhaps show publicly that he has some actual interest in his own company? It’s not like this is the “community” forum for HIS tech firm, or anything… Get him to at least spend 5 minutes a week giving it a look over for heaven’s sake. The current situation is basically two fingers up at us all!

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Thank you @seth for the above feedback. As always it’s extremely appreciated. I will feed this back to the team.

Again, thank you.

Top Teir Investors should be topping up with WXT to earn a decent 6% APR. I did when I made the investment.

I wonder where can we check up on the promised regular interval token burning?


I now wonder if this is either an abandoned plan, or has now become an “anti de-inflation” tool (I’m aware of the oxymoron in this statement, none of it makes much sense!)? Everything about Wirex, from it’s company structure, shareholding setup, financial structure and token management is done to allow its management to retain complete control and change things for their sole benefit - fair dinkum, very smart, other than this fact will just irritate anyone else involved.

good evening, I only say personally with the problems I had through the support chat I have always solved, what can I do as an investor?

Try to help other customers (lot’s of simple q’s on the forum), make them feel welcome, and (once Wirex becomes a reliable product once again) try to get more customers onboarded - referrals, social media etc etc. Try to only be positive about Wirex publicly, obviously!

Hopefully that answers your question?



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I am a Wirex investor. Perhaps categorise your complaints and use the statistical data to 1) address and prioritise the most significant areas of concern 2) train/segregate teams of staff on the specific areas, so that the relevent team can take ownership respond efficiently within their remit.

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