Is it possible to login on PC now

I have an account and use the app mostly on my phone but wanted to login online is there any reason why when I get to verify via my google authenticator the screen goes blank ?

Also a friend has never used her wirex account on a smart phone and is having the same problem, obviously she uses her verification via her email.

How could she set the app up if web based is no longer available?

Hi Susan, thank you for taking the time to bring this issue to our attention.

I have contacted you via the ticket to get more details. Could you please check your email and provide me with a response?

Thank you in advance!

I have answered but unfortunately when I put the login link in now all I get is a blank screen.

Dear Susan, thank you for your cooperation. It’s highly appreciated!

I will keep you updated via the support ticket.

Warm regards.

@Mrscowgirl48 I’m also experiencing the same issue. Likely an issue Wirexs end - admin @Kateryna_Wirex have you reported this outage and advised Web app is currently down?

Hi James, thank you for your cooperation!

Let me kindly inform you that our Technical Team is currently working on the resolution of this issue. We will keep you updated via the support ticket.

Warm regards.

Kateryna, thanks for your response!
Looking forward to it being back up and running :blush::blush: May I make a suggestion that for outages like this, a simple update on Twitter, Facebook, email, or even an in App message would mean a lot to all Wirex users and keep their minds at ease :+1: @Kateryna_Wirex

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@Kateryna_Wirex my ticket number is 1356884.

Dear James,

Your feedback is highly appreciated!
We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your cooperation is an invaluable part of that process.
I have forwarded your suggestions to our relevant team for further consideration.

Have a nice day!

Great thanks! Looking forward to a speedy resolution to this issue! As advised, ticket number is 1356884.


Dear James,

Sure, once the issue is resolved, we will update you via the ticket directly.

Best regards!

I’m dealing with the same issue, I don’t know how to make a ticket tho
ugh but it would be nice to be able to login without being hit with a blank screen, i’m guessing COVID-19 must be affecting the site and I hope you can get it back on!

@Kateryna_Wirex is there any update on this ticket?

Dear James,

Please be assured that this issue is currently under investigation by our Technical Team.
As soon as we have any update from them, we will inform you via the ticket directly.

Thank you in advance for your patience!

Is there an update on this at all?

Dear James,

I have requested some additional details via the ticket. Could you please check your email and reply to this ticket?

Thank you!

Mine is now working James - I hope yours is too.

No such luck for me…

I have replied. I see that others are beginning to work, but I am still unable to get past authentication page. PS using Chrome. Would be good to have this resolved. @Kateryna_Wirex

I use wirex from may 2018 , not one times haved problems use AUTHY no google auth , the rare times haved an issue ,support resolved in a few hours ,repeat hours not days. i think already to new card .will have expired in less than a year and since in my opinion wirex is one if not the only valid service, I want to continue using it