Is now the right time to buy Bitcoin?


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The pain I felt when I looked at the price of Bitcoin this past January, was all too familiar. Back in 2013, a friend told me about the bitcoins he bought for $1.00 a piece. He sold them for $34.00. Each. It was a bit of a sucker punch. He had tried telling me about bitcoin when he bought them. But my eyes glazed over and my mind drifted. Why would I need another currency? I couldn’t even…


The Best time to buy Bitcoin was years ago; the next best time…

Is today!

Don’t regret not buying a few years in the future.


Bitcoin has obviously risen sharply since January. At this point in time £100 is worth 0.01766 BTC. If you were to invest in £100 worth of Bitcoin today, how much could you expect to sell it for in 5/10 years?


Good Question; realistically I can’t predict the future.

BUT; if we look at Bitcoins growth over the past few years; and try to infer a future price; the price of 0.01766 Bitcoin could be range from as little as £50; but could also be worth over £900 by this time next year.

My advice with regards to putting money into any investment; is to invest wisely and to always invest what you would be prepared to loose.



Da kann ich Ihnen nur zustimmen, beim Thema kaufen von Bitcoin ist die beste Zeit immer J E T Z T.