Is the new Master Card having a n account number and sort code?

Is the new Master Card having a n account number and sort code ?

I have recieved mine but has no account number nor sort cord only the long card number.

This isn’t how Wirex works, it is more like a set of accounts (one for each currency/crypto) and the card can make payments and take money from these accounts (depending on the order of priority you choose in app).
Previously each FIAT account had an IBAN (sort code and acc no for GBP), but this feature has been disabled temporarily due to Brexit, apparently…
@Ali_Wirex when will this (IBANs) be reimplemented, please?

Hi @hpculy, @Superior88, @seth,

The card itself will not have a sort code and an account number since it’s a multicurrency card. You will be able to active your FIAT accounts with their own bank details as soon as this feature is re-enabled.

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Thank you very much for clarification.



Do we know how long this will take as I would like to make full use of the card and set up a direct debit.

The place where I work is paying me through the Wirex app…they have sent me the money using the IBAN number…since this Mastercard is activated no money has arrived at my account…what are the solutions for this problem…I have frozen funds because of this

Can somebody respond to this?

Hello @Shacks,

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an exact timeframe since we have not received it from the relevant team.
We keep checking with them regarding the status of this issue and will notify all our customers once we have any news.


Hi @Slobodan_Cuk,

I have just sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

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