Issues with the app

Good morning,

The app is not working properly on my iPhone, it seems that there is a transaction history issue or something. May I have someone technical checking this for me? Already submitted a support ticket.

Thanks, George

Hello George,

I deeply apologize to hear about the inconvenience you are facing.

Could you PM me your ticket number? Our relevant team will be glad to assist you in a timely manner.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Yan, thanks for reaching me out swiftly. Have sent you a PM

Dear George,

I have escalated your case to our relevant department.

Further updates will be provided via the ticket due to privacy reasons.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Thanks so much Yan, really appreciate this. See ya


I’ve been waiting for my DAI transfer for over 2 weeks now. Any idea when this will be fixed so I can receive my money, because currently I am unable to use them at all and I need them.

Hi there!

So sorry about the delayed resolution of your issue.

I have escalated the case to our relevant team and have updated you via the ticket.

Please rest assured that we will let you know immediately once we receive any updates.

(1142462) my ticket number

Hello Amina,

As I can see in our database, our relevant team has just updated you via this ticket. Could you please check your email?

Thank you!

Once again I ask you to check that it goes with the top-up of wirex accounts, I know five friends that since yesterday no one can do. We have tested with 8 different banks and a total of 15 cards and always gives the same error. The banks have been contacted and report that everything is fine. We tested the same cards to do top-up on other cards and went all right, just on wirex doesn’t let it and just since yesterday’s 1/8, I’ve always used the cards I’ve added ha my account and never had problems.
Don’t you want to solve it? Your answer is always the same, the bank’s fault. Okay, they’re going to lose customers.

Hello Jose,

I am so sorry to hear that you are unable to top-up your Wirex account.

Please be informed that I have escalated this case to our relevant team in order to investigate this issue. As soon as I have an update from them, I will contact you immediately via the ticket.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

Trying to login but not working on app and website, are you experiencing technical difficulties ,

Hello Shabbar, we really appreciate you taking the time to bring this issue to our attention!

Let us kindly inform you that our relevant team has contacted you via the support ticket. Could you please check your email? :e-mail:

Thank you for your cooperation!

I have a small concern…
I have changed my mobile and when I search for the application to download it, I can’t find it. Play Store has removed the Wirex application. This still works well on the phones that have it installed, however, I need my new phone. Thanks.

Hello Samantha,

I deeply apologize for this unpleasant situation and any inconvenience caused.

Let me kindly inform you that I have escalated this case to our relevant team. They will contact you shortly via the ticket.

Best regards.

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Just wondering why the Wirex App has disappeared from the Play Store? App still installed on my phone works well.

Hi James,

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

This case has been escalated to our relevant team. Please be assured that they will contact you as soon as possible via the ticket.

Warm regards.

I’m tryng to add funds, but it wants to let me pay 1% admninistrative fee

what happened??

Hi Massimiliano,

I deeply apologize for this unpleasant situation and any inconvenience caused.

Let me kindly inform you that we have contacted you via the ticket to get more details.
Could you please check your email and provide us with a response?

Thank you for your cooperation in advance!

now it works with zero fees, thank you