Issues with the app

Thank you.

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Dear @kevanhull,

Let me kindly ask you to submit a request following this link: Wirex. Crypto-Friendly Currency Account Our Support Team will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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I did already 2 weeks ago

Hi @kevanhull,

I have just sent you a reply via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.


Today, my account is locked again and I cannot activate my Visa card. Can you help me?

Hi @liutakchung,

I have sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.


Hi! I can’t enter to my Wirex app on my iPhone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and nothing. it opens and closes instantly. is there a problem?

Same problem with the wirex update, app can’t open.

Ios version is 14.4.2


Same problem for me - does not work on any iphone or ipad - have reinstalled - same issue bonjour comment alez vous je suis lydie dag pardonnez moi svp je ne comprend pas English ecrivez moi en Française mon WhatsApp 0780017624merci infiniment lydie dag

27 Mar 2021 Cmt 18:49 tarihinde Dieter Sattler via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> şunu yazdı:

@littleika @alien_touch @Dieter_Sattler

@Jessica_Scott Bonjour, en quoi pouvons-nous vous aider ? N’hésitez pas à répondre directement ici car nous ne fournissons pas de support sur WhatsApp. Merci !


Same issue in IOS

On the internet browser, when we login it open the Wirex app so we must use a computer

Hi @Will_Chiang @alien_touch @Dieter_Sattler @littleika :wave:

Please read this solution while waiting for the fix of the IOS app:

Thank you for your understanding.

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My app opens and closes instantly, I can’t enter. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and nothing.

Is there a problem?

The app doesn’t work with the latest update

How it start if app don’t work for apple user.!

Hi @littleika, @alien_touch, @Dieter_Sattler, @Jessica_Scott, @Will_Chiang,

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. This issue is related to the new version of iOS.

Could you please install the new version of Wirex from the App store and re-login to your account?

Please let me know if this doesn’t resolve the problem.

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For me it works

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for me it works perfectly on an iPhone12MaxPro :white_check_mark: