Issues with the app

Hi @Will_Chiang @alien_touch @Dieter_Sattler @littleika :wave:

Please read this solution while waiting for the fix of the IOS app:

Thank you for your understanding.

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My app opens and closes instantly, I can’t enter. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and nothing.

Is there a problem?

The app doesn’t work with the latest update

How it start if app don’t work for apple user.!

Hi @littleika, @alien_touch, @Dieter_Sattler, @Jessica_Scott, @Will_Chiang,

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. This issue is related to the new version of iOS.

Could you please install the new version of Wirex from the App store and re-login to your account?

Please let me know if this doesn’t resolve the problem.

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For me it works

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for me it works perfectly on an iPhone12MaxPro :white_check_mark:


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