It’s almost here… get ready for the multicurrency Wirex card!


We’ve done enough teasing… it’s finally time! We’re extremely excited to announce that the wait for the hotly-anticipated new multicurrency Wirex card is almost over.

That’s right, we’ve just launched our waiting list - so make sure you’re on it!

There’s never a dull moment at Wirex. Following our hugely successful crowdfund, we’re ready to take the next monumental step towards revolutionising the payments game: enter the competition-killing multicurrency Wirex card!

So, why’s it being touted as the “competition-killer”? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Here are just a few.

1) Unlimited fee-free FX

We believe money should be borderless. That’s why we’re giving you free foreign exchange (FX) on all fiat currencies, with no fees or hidden charges.

2) Spend crypto in real life at OTC rates

The multicurrency Wirex card treats your crypto in the same way as fiat currency. Seamlessly spend cryptocurrency in real life - at unbeatable live Over-the-Counter rates.

3) Real-time auto conversion

Welcome to a world where all currencies are equal. Our real-time auto conversion feature lets you spend any of your traditional or cryptocurrencies without the need to exchange first.

4) No monthly fees

We’re all about tearing down barriers, not putting them up - so we’ve scrapped monthly fees. Access the ultimate payment platform and card completely free.

5) Free ATM withdrawals

When it comes to limits, bigger is always better. We’ve done away with international ATM fees for withdrawals under £400. That’s at least x2 better than the market leader, which means you can stop making do with less.

How do I get one?

All you’ve got to do is join the waiting list. Once you’re on the list you’ll be kept up to date regarding when you’ll get your shiny new card, and any other important info you might need to know.

We hope you’re ready to change the way you think about money, forever.



Very good news to all Wirexers :grinning:

If you are wondering as a Wirex investor:

If you’re a Wirex investor, don’t worry - you’ll still be in the exclusive first tranche of cards delivered. You will receive your further details once we have your contact information from Crowdcube.

Never a dull moment at Wirex, that’s for sure!!! The whole new level is amazing! :rocket:


(click to reveal) :point_down:

Once you’ve joined the waiting list, send or share the referral link to move up in the queue!


:pray: Great news! :raised_hands:


Hi @Ali_Wirex,
I’m curious how “multicurrency” aspect works. Can I link any account (e.g. HUF or XLM) to MC card?
You will remove “Card maintenance” fee for Mastercard only (or Visa also) in case of EEA region if I understand correctly.
Could you please confirm where I can find more details.
Thank you for you support.

This new Wirex card it can use in every country such as Thailand too isn’t it?

Hi Ali is it true there is a Mastercard coming to wirex system
Also is this compulsory or
Can we stick to our visa

Visa coming soon?? MasterCard coming soon? Wtf?!

Yup had me confused I already have the visa im good with this

Please share the link for the above? Thank you

Hi there, The Wirex Mastercard is coming out in EEA region.

Hi @Ali_Wirex :wave:

Here is where we can see “WIREX VISA CARD (COMING SOON)”:

You found finally the solution for non EEA regions? New gen Visa and MasterCard? This is news??? @Ali_Wirex