It’s Cryptomas Eve!

Need a break from Christmas shopping? You might want to do a spot of crypto shopping instead this year.

Starting tomorrow, we’re counting down to Christmas with some festive treats for everyone.

Who needs an advent calendar when you’ve got the Wirex Cryptomas countdown?

Find out more tomorrow!


So I went to buy waves yesterday and there were fees in the transaction, just did the same today with nano and fees are there -

Do the fees get removed afterwards or something?

Hi everyone, I also bought Nano today as was supervised as free but I was charged a fee. Please can someone clarify. Thanks.

Yup me too!

Yes this year the best Christmas shopping to treat oneself is to stack Crypto.

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Hi @Superior88 @Jessarmadillo please know that when buying the crypto that we are promoting on each day, you will only get no fees when you buy them with your linked Debit/Credit card. If you are exchanging from another crypto or fiat currency then the fees will still be there. Hope this helps.

Thank you Ali noted