It’s Valen-time to fall in love with Wirex



February is so cold! Luckily the Wirex app is here to melt your heart with some next-gen features.

Who needs nights by the fire and long walks on the beach when you’ve got effortless multicurrency spending, zero exchange fees and some of the most generous crypto rewards around? Here’s why Wirex is your perfect partner in 2022:

Crypto at your fingertips

Get instant access to 30+ top cryptocurrencies at exclusive OTC rates. Effortlessly expand your portfolio from as little as US$10 by purchasing with your credit or debit card or transferring from an external wallet.

Supercharged savings

Grow your crypto by moving it into an X-Account. Our ground-breaking savings tool generates interest rates of up to 16% AER on selected currencies – that’s up to 100x the normal rate!

Multicurrency spending

Spend multiple crypto and traditional currencies anywhere in the world, with real-time auto conversion and zero exchange fees on FX.

Instant crypto rewards

Earn up to 2% Cryptoback™ rewards on all your online and in-store shopping when you pay with your Wirex card.