It's time to discover stablecoins! Weekly Trending Update!

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Market not on your side? Why not take a look at what your fellow Wirex customers are doing?

Stablecoins are proving to be a popular choice among them. Want to see which ones have been bought and exchanged the most this week?

This week, EURS is the most popular for exchanges and USDP is the favourite for deposits! Has that given you some inspiration?


Tokens data featured in this email is accurate as of 15th August 2022. The above content should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own research thoroughly when looking at cryptocurrency.

Nxusd is the best! :top:


Nxusd combined with X-account or Nereus Platform to the :crescent_moon::rocket:!

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I agree with you mate!!:crescent_moon:

Grande Riki​:rocket::+1:

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