Kick off the summer with some crypto ice cream


It’s time to cool off from the scorching summer heat.

There’s no better way to celebrate the season than with ice cream, so we’ve reimagined our crypto as delicious frozen treats.

We have a great selection of crypto to exchange at top OTC rates. So, scoop up an old favourite, try something new or even mix a few flavours together!

Take your pick

BTC Vanilla – This creamy blend of transparency and fast transaction speeds is a real classic.

ETH Chocolate – A simple, yet popular choice for its tasty peer-to-peer transactions and sumptuous smart contract creations.

WXT Rocky Road – A one-of-a-kind flavour packed full of exclusive Wirex benefits such as Cryptoback™ rewards and much more.

LTC Strawberry – Simple and sweet, with the satisfying flavour of fast processing and low transaction fees.

XRP Raspberry Ripple – A refreshing fruity swirl of low cost and limitless scalability.

XLM Banana – Another sweet and simple choice, popular with fans of fast processing and low fees.

NANO Mint Choc Chip – A refreshing flavour of zero fees, mixed with instant transactions and infinite scalability.

WAVES Rum & Raisin – Ride the wave of this unique taste - you’ll get hints of easy custom crypto creation along the way.

DAI Choc Chip Cookie Dough – Satisfyingly sweet with crunchy chunks of efficiency, transparency and stability.




Awesome job for the one who came up with the creative twist on this!!! For me mix of vanilla with rocky road (made with almonds) please! :smiley: :ice_cream: :ice_cream: :ice_cream:

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