H3llo sorry for this message where is the promotion in june 10 i havent recieve until now and all maay refeeal they ask me

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I just waiting for this promotion sir i hope i get the answer very quickly thanks and advance

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Hi @CRYPTO_EARN :wave:

If you have met the conditions, you will receive your rewards this month (within a week, I think) because the 30 working days will soon be exceeded.

I hope to have answered your question! :slight_smile:

Sir its june 10 promotion so post to be by july 10 i will recieve it right so now the date is july 22 now can specify to me sir when did i get this sir

And u can check my wirex accout sir for this my name in my account wirex


Myra ruado

Hello there @CRYPTO_EARN , sorry about your experience. Can I know have you create a support ticket for this? Thank you


Hi @CRYPTO_EARN :wave:

No, because 30 working days does not work this way because holidays and weekends are not counted.

Please read my previous message again. :slight_smile:

Finaly if you wish, you can create a ticket by following this link:

Thank you!

Please check my account sir

for this promition

Hello there @CRYPTO_EARN , please can you send me a private message so that I can assist you further ? Thank you


Hello sir i message u please reply to me sir

Hello there @CRYPTO_EARN , sorry for the late reply. I replied your private message earlier, please kindly check, thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Billynicholls :wave:

Wirex does not remove any complaints and cannot afford to do so as a business.

Here you are on a community forum and anyone can give their feedback. But, like any community, there are rules of conduct to follow.

If a user publishes the same messages several times (spam), or content such as: prohibited (child pornography, drugs…), advertising, fraud, harassment (spam can be), insults, etc.

Then, other users of the community forum as well as moderators can flag this type of message in order to hide them (even if it is always possible to display the hidden message by clicking on it, for reasons of freedom of expression).

Here is an example of a customer complaining, but spamming everywhere:

Do you confirm that there is spam or not?

Besides, your own message posted here breaks the rules because it is Off-Topic. Mine too because I am answering you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I hope you will understand this and that I have answered your question :slight_smile:

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