Kryptowährung Wertstellung

Wo bleiben meine Eth? Laut anzeige soll es doch nur 15min bis 1h dauern bis die Kryütos wertgestellt werden. Mittlerweile sind es 3 Tage her. Ich bitte um ganz schnelle lösung des Problemes.

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please english

Where is my eth? According to the ad, it should only take 15 minutes to 1 hour for the Kryütos to be valued. It’s been 3 days now. I ask you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Here is my ticket (1595266)…thank you for helping…
After all, it’s about 700 euros in ETH…

Hey there @Steven_BARTELINGH. Thank you for sending over this reference number. I will pass this onto the team for you and they will reach out directly to help you!