Lack of communication


We all understand that technical issues happen, but your lack of communication on this really is not good enough. All we get is a generic message every 8 hours or so saying it should be working now, when it is not.

When a major bank has had this issue the MD comes out at tells everyone what the issue is. Your poor help desk staff are not being told what is happening, and this is not good enough.

Please issue a full statement telling us what is happening, we’re all adults, we can take it.


And the main thing they keep saying its working, what definition do they mean it’s working. As i understand it opens and logs in but clearly everyone who has sent funds in from the past 3 days it isn’t showing up on their account balance including mine of 5K btc which is confirmed on the blockchain so it’s clearly in the wallet address. It even shows up on my history but not balance. So what is going on with our funds just answer us this question?

I will say it again, what is going on with our funds?

Stop saying they are safe. Be more specific where is our money and when is it getting restored on our balance?


They dont have the answer, they are not sway! I’m I’m deactivating after this whole episode.