Learn more about the world’s favourite token

With so many cryptocurrencies available on the Wirex app, we like to shine a spotlight on specific tokens every now and again. This week, it’s bitcoin’s turn.

Heard everything there is to hear about BTC? We get you, but bear with us – here are three bitcoin facts you probably didn’t know:

1) One of the Mighty Ducks took out the world’s first crypto mortage

Yes indeed – actor-turned-entrepreneur Brock Pierce, best known for his role in the Mighty Ducks films, acquired a renovated chapel in Amsterdam in 2019 and took out a crypto-based mortgage worth 3m BTC.

2) Nearly $200bn worth of BTC has been lost

Hurts to read, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, almost 20% of all bitcoin (excluding tokens that haven’t been mined yet) is completely inaccessible. Lost encryption keys and premature deaths make up a big portion of this, as well as Satoshi Nakamoto’s secret BTC stash (roughly 1.1 million tokens).

3) There’s a bitcoin-based micronation

Ever been to Liberland on holiday? Probably not. This (unrecognised) micronation, formed in 2015, occupies a disputed strip of land between Serbia and Croatia. Bet you can’t guess what its official currency is…

Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do with your BTC that don’t involve taking out a mortgage, losing it forever or creating your own sovereign nation. Best of all? They’re all available in the Wirex app:

  • Buy BTC at OTC rates

  • Send BTC to your Wirex contacts free of charge

  • Pay in BTC* with your Wirex card and get up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards

  • Open a BTC X-Account and earn up to 16% AER!

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