Link your Wirex card to PayPal!

OK it work but :

  1. paypal hold back 1%
  2. what is max Euro transfer I can do? €1.000 or €10.000 or €100.000 ???

It can be useful now that i have no more IBAN account…

@Wigee Hi there, can you confirm which country you are currently living in?


Same for Italy. It’s not possible to add funds to paypal with wirex card

Any news about this issue?

Hi guys, I have nudged this further with the team, I am awaiting an update. I will inform you once I get one.

Thank you

To those above who are having an issue. Please send me a private message with your Wirex email address. I need to send those back to the team. Thank you


Same here sir. I cannot withdraw my funds from Paypal to my Wirex Card. Im from the Philippines as well. Can you help me?

is it available in the Philippines?

For those who have issues about Wirex card and Paypal:
I can confirm that if you are living in a country that Paypal has it own protocol for transaction, your card would be rejected in any circumstance.

This info, you cannot find in Paypal or Wirex help, but I got it after dealing with Wirex CS and Paypal CS for hours. Here is the original message with Paypal CS officer telling me this:

As per checking on our system. You might be able to link the card. However, if you are trying to use it for making transaction it will be rejected. As much as I would like to help you on this. In the event that we were able to successfully link the card. Still it can’t be use. As our protocol that we are following the card and the PayPal account was opened in the same country.

My country falls into this issue. And if your Wirex card had issues with Paypal as well, you probably are restricted by this mechanism.

About half month ago, Wirex CS nicely replied they were looking into the matter’s solution after I posted this issue in this community.

But since then, it is silent till now, I got no follow-up email, and my community post was then deleted after a week.

So don’t count on this card to link with Paypal if you had the issue, it’s not going to succeed as I believe this is something can’t be fixed by Wirex themselves.

There is still no solution…
They should remove this option as it is not working at all.


My wirex ~ paypal linkage was denied by the issuing bank.
How can I contact wirex support?

Regards to All.

Hey @sugarbabe, Welcome to the Community Forum!
I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. To get in contact with the team, create a customer support ticket using the link below:
Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone (
The team will reach out to you directly.