List CryptoMasterCard! In one minute 🪙 Need support. ⭐️⭐️⭐️


I knew they were going to release something. Also looking forward to more crypto currencies, hope so as can move other assets to here :+1: be great to be able to more ADA, TRON, UNISWAP amongst others.

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You understand that with MasterCard we buy and sale at same point price, we could recevive 100 euro of bitcoin and fast exchange to 100 euro if it is real point of sale. In actualy sistem this exchange is impossible is every time 100 to 99 and 99 to 98 and so on. #innovation

I’m so confused though, do I need to do anything with my funds to make sure they remain…the email about visa expiring made it sound like they would be lost

Wirex Wallet remain online meanwhile Wirex VISA Card going offline. All your found must be on Wallet before 16/03

So if they are currently bitcoin or eth they are OK?

!Wirex need Upgrade!{Yes! And good news that we could spend crypto as Euro, don’t know how it would be possible. For example you had 0 Euro and 1 Bitcoin, when you go to shop to spend, you can pay Euro because ‘Wirex pay for you’ and took back your Bitcoin. Wirex is a bank of Bitcoin, Payrnet has a bank of Euro. Let see this MasterCard how work, it is first ‘’CryptoMasterCard™️‘’ and Wirex is free to do what they want, without going in direct conflict with other. You shall see all crypto payment is on Visa circuit and innovation is hard… important is that in vision of users Wirex must took less Bitcoin possible from spending and try to reduce Ask-Bid at Min Point of Sale and they know that it would be possible only if Wirex Sell-Buy at
[mPoS=(ASK+BID)/2]} … a the card is free…

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Thanks Oleg, appreciate your help. Sounds like good news all round!

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