List of Promotions 2023

It is no secret that Wirex is bringing you lots of great promotional campaigns. However, with that being said, we have seen some users asking clarification on different ones. Therefore, we wanted to create a thread for current promotions so it’s all in one place.

Name of promo Region Dates Status
My Crypto Valentine (social giveaway) EEA/UK/APAC/RoW 14-17 Feb OPEN
Valentine’s Word search comp (community) EEA/UK/APAC 14-17 Feb OPEN
Matic (social giveaway) EEA/UK/APAC 9 - 12 Feb CLOSED
DUO extended promo EEA/UK/APAC/RoW 7 Feb - OPEN
Wirex Wallet giveaway (social) EEA/UK/APAC 1-4 Feb CLOSED
Multiply extended Cryptoback EEA/UK/APAC 26 Jan - OPEN
Blue Monday giveaway (social) EEA/UK/APAC 16 - 19 Jan CLOSED
New Year’s Giveaway (social) EEA/APAC/UK/RoW 5 - 8 Jan CLOSED
Join Discord Competition (social/community) EEA/APAC/UK/RoW 13 - 16 Dec 2022 CLOSED
Wirex Merch giveaway EEA/UK/APAC 7 - 9 Dec 2022 CLOSED