Listing Requests

We are always on the lookout to add more tokens/currencies to our platform. Please suggest your favourite projects below. If it’s already listed, please vote for it :+1:

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Create a live chat in the app, it is way too much stress to contact wirex, it shoudnt feel this unsafe to use wirex. Live chat only people with real problems will message instead of people getting scammed everywhere! I dont even know why this hasnt been implemented. Support for Wirex is the worst I have ever experienced In my life !

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How about TRON (TRX)?

USDT is on your listing plan?

Hi there mihai, thanks so much for these suggestions, it has been noted with the team. :raised_hands:t4:

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I agree, USDT or USDC options would be great. There’s very few exchanges that use DAI and that doesn’t motivate a user to buy through wirex as we then have to send it to another platform to sell into USDT / USDC …
the easier it is to integrate wirex into our ways and lives, the more we’ll use it :slight_smile:
I would fully integrate wirex into my current system if the spread on stablecoin was not 2%, I’m currently getting 0.6% fees / spread buying stablecoins with fiat, 2% is too much for me to loose when it’s thousands of dollars per purchase…


Would love to see Digibyte added to your app.

#monero is the most cool crypto in the world!!! We need it…
Ty guys

Thank you for the great suggestion! We are always seeking to improve our services. Will definitely pass this on to the team. :open_hands:

Thank you @ekakaoni, will let the team know about this!

OPERATING WXT on the stellar blockchain may be the issue for WXT not to grow.

ADD Binance Coin (BNB)

$17.95 USD (7.71%)
0.00203902 BTC (5.80%)

Then list on their DEX Exchange your WXT

Wirex Token (WXT)

$0.009667 USD (4.40%)
0.00000110 BTC (2.58%)
0.17809921 XLM (1.17%)

MOVE THE WXT onto BNB Chain. Where there is a lot more liquidity.

[Huobi Global] Exchange has deposit and withdrawals of WXT LOCKED.


I don’t know man, the years I’ve spent observing DEX … it’s total wash trading and degrading to the project and price…
projects listed on DEX just buy and sell their own coins into the ground trying to meet and maintain the outlined daily trading volume to be considered to move to Binance …

Plus I hate when a coin is BNB / ERC20 / ___ , it’s really annoying using bridges to convert and those bridges close when manipulated prices on exchanges happen, leaving you stuck with a certain format you can’t move.
I’ve been stung a few times with BNB / ERC20 bridges being open and then closed for months.

Please can you consider adding BitcoinSV (BSV) ? It is the 5th biggest crypto by marketcap.
I would love Wirex so much more with this listing.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

I hope about a listing from Tezos (XTZ)