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Seamlessly switch between 18 currencies

That’s why the new multicurrency Wirex card lets you seamlessly spend both crypto and fiat in real life - at the best rates available - without even having to exchange it first. Plus, you’ll never pay fees on traditional currency exchange.

Now that’s what we call a game-changer.

Here’s what’s coming:

Unlimited fee-free FX

We believe money should be borderless. That’s why we’re giving you free foreign exchange (FX) on all fiat currencies, with no fees or hidden charges.

Spend crypto in real life at OTC rates

The multicurrency Wirex card treats your crypto in the same way as fiat currency. Seamlessly spend cryptocurrency in real life - at unbeatable live Over-the-Counter rates.

Real-time auto conversion

Welcome to a world where all currencies are equal. Our real-time auto conversion feature lets you spend any of your traditional or cryptocurrencies without the need to exchange first.

No monthly fees

We’re all about tearing down barriers, not putting them up - so we’ve scrapped monthly fees. Access the ultimate payment platform and card completely free.

Free ATM withdrawals

When it comes to limits, bigger is always better. We’ve done away with international ATM fees for withdrawals under £400. That’s at least x2 better than the market leader, which means you can stop making do with less.

Eager to get your hands on the new Wirex card? All you’ve got to do is join the waiting list now and start getting excited.



Are you on the waiting list? :raised_hands:

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I’m all signed up to the waiting list… CAN’T WAIT!! :100:

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What’s the difference with my current Wirex card?

Hello @avo

All that is said above :smiley: