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This is the sorriest place to login I’ve ever seen. I’m locked out for 24 hour again. I haven’t even gotten in once. I done even know if I have funds in here.


Well I put the one time password in yesterday and you could see it good so I sent it said it was no good I put it in again I got locked out 24 hours. Every time before that my password is gone after I change from the one you give me.y phone was off until yesterday it’s on now but the only way that you have to come in is a text mess to a device that you can tell it’s them. Well I think something better should be done to verify your phone? Lots of things happen you may not have phone service but have wifi

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hi im sorry what happen sir.

please create a ticket here https://wirexapp.com/en/help/request/create


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I did just now I’m not getting your text message for my phone verifying and I noticed somebody talking’ like you know when you read that about your Sim and all your verification it’s kinda rude it’s like it’s your fault please remember you do it but anyway I need a code or is it call me that’s fine but I give me the number to so you don’t make a mistake there

I’m so sick of email and passwords.
My phone is a mess in saving one is impossible that someway I got to go in there and clean every building that out and hopefully I don’t clear this one out because Lord knows how long I’ll be here I’m sorry but I’m just federal up. just wondering how long it will now. I really Appreciate you guys help.

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if youre having code sent kindly turn on flight mode or test text something or restart phone sir

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since January wrex has blocked my money and my account refuses to give me back my 300 euros.
I write them more than 16 emails and always the same lie.
they say they will solve the problem.
the only problem they mismanaged their wallet and they have no money to give us back our money

Hey @mogni_amir_m_ze-hama,
Thank you for reaching out to us! I’m sorry your experiencing some issues. If you send us your Customer Reference number. I will be happy to forward this to the team for you.

hello I am writing to you to denounce the injustice that Wirex is doing to me. Wirex is blocking our access to our accounts without giving any proof and since February 2022 my money and my bitcoins are blocked. I write to them several times 7 times here is the request number request (1126738),1130305), (1132300), (1134861), (1140078), (1201003),(1407724), and it replies that the incident is in progress. WHY HE BLOCKED OUR ACCOUNTS SINCE FEBRUARY. I ask you to help us I told them the following

here are my open incidents with you
It will now be 3 months since you blocked my cryptomonaie account without any explanation.
you give us no explanation.
it is not normal today in 2022 that you block customer accounts without giving any reasonable explanation.
You say you check but what exactly do you want to check?
Wirex becomes nonsense at this rate you will close your establishment because all the customers will leave the way you behave towards them it’s disrespectful it’s not professional at all not explain to you why the accounts are blocked you say that it is a verification that is not justified in reality.
I wish to terminate my contract with you, thank you for informing me of the procedure to follow so that my money can be returned to me, thank you.

Thank you for sending these reference numbers over. I have passed them onto the team and they will get in contact with you directly to get this issue resolved.

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Hello, I can’t log in to my account

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please create a ticket sir thank you Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone

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I’ve done that several times…wtf is wrong with you guys…worst customer service ever

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Hi @CeeJay, thanks for reaching out!
If you send over your customer support reference number, I will be happy to pass this onto the team.

Hello Sir. We’re really sorry for the case you been facing off… the relevant team will contact you once it’s done.

Thank you. Godbless :innocent: